Best summer food ideas for kids

10 Pediatric Dentist-Approved Summer Foods That Your Kids Can Make

It’s Snack Time! “There’s nothing to eat!” If the kids are home from school, this has more than likely been shouted through the house at least once. Sometimes the best way to get them to eat something healthy is to have them make it themselves. Extra points if it’s something they consider “fun.” 1. Banana…
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Technology helps with oral care

Technology Can Make Oral Care Easier From Toddlers to Teens

Oh, the woes of getting kids to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. If you’re like most parents with kids learning to speak for themselves, you know how hard this can be. From toddlers who don’t want to open their mouths, to teens who forget to brush altogether, getting kids to care…
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Do you know the history of braces

The Story of Braces: How They Came To Be What They Are Today

Braces have been a part of orthodontic treatment for centuries, with their evolution tracing back to ancient times. While the idea of straightening teeth may seem modern, the history of braces goes back thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to today, the use of various materials to align teeth has undergone significant changes. And though…
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Consistently wearing your retainer

5 Intelligent Tips for Wearing Your Retainer as Often as Required

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, retainers are prescribed to allow the bone that holds teeth to rebuild after teeth have moved and maintain the healthy new teeth positions after active orthodontic treatment ends. Your body will change throughout your entire life and your teeth change, too. This can be frustrating for those who…
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Laser makes a frenectomy procedure a breeze

3 Reasons a Soft Tissue Laser Makes a Frenectomy a Smoother Process

A frenectomy is a quick and simple procedure often performed by a dentist on children with a lip or tongue tie. Specifically, a frenectomy removes the frenulum that connects the tongue or lip to the gums or floor of the mouth. This procedure can be done using various techniques, including a scalpel, scissors, or a…
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Know the signs your child has a tongue tie

4 Big Hints That Your Infant Might Have a Lip or Tongue Tie

Though the exact statistics are unknown, it is estimated that up to 10% of newborns are born with a condition called ankyloglossia, also known as tongue tie. In this situation, the frenulum, that thin piece of tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, is too tight or too short. This results…
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Signs your child might need braces

Are Crooked Teeth Genetic? 6 Signs Your Child Might End Up Needing Braces

Don’t you love the crooked grin kids flash when they are happy or laughing? Of course, we all do. And it’s not unusual for kids to have crooked teeth when they’re young. But as your kids age, those crooked teeth become less endearing because they can be one of the signs your child might need…
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Answers to braces FAQs

5 Questions Your Kids Might Ask About Braces and How to Answer Them

So many questions, how do I answer them all? More than likely, you knew it was coming, and your child’s dentist just announced that the time has come for braces. Your child is bound to have a lot of questions—whether you are prepared to answer them or not. To help in any way we can,…
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Oral hygiene for the busy school age kid

5 Tricks To Get You Out the Door on Time During a Busy School Morning

5 School-Morning Oral Hygiene Tips and Tricks As a teenager, you have a busy life filled with more responsibility than ever before. We’ve all had that morning: We’re rushing out the door as fast as possible to get to class on time, half-starved, teeth feeling fuzzy, and our breath—well, let’s just not talk about that!…
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Tips for the best braces hygiene

Tools That Help Kids Ace Their Braces Hygiene

We’re getting braces! What do we need for braces hygiene? Oral hygiene gets a little more complicated after your child gets braces. Their teeth may be sensitive, and brushing can take longer than before. Not to mention, they are now required to do this new routine after every meal—snacks included. There are all kinds of…
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