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Technology helps with oral care

Technology Can Make Oral Care Easier From Toddlers to Teens

Oh, the woes of getting kids to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. If you’re like most parents with kids learning to speak for themselves, you know how hard this can be. From toddlers who don’t want to open their mouths, to teens who forget to brush altogether, getting kids to care…
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Do you know the history of braces

The Story of Braces: How They Came To Be What They Are Today

Braces have been a part of orthodontic treatment for centuries, with their evolution tracing back to ancient times. While the idea of straightening teeth may seem modern, the history of braces goes back thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to today, the use of various materials to align teeth has undergone significant changes. And though…
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Consistently wearing your retainer

5 Intelligent Tips for Wearing Your Retainer as Often as Required

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, retainers are prescribed to allow the bone that holds teeth to rebuild after teeth have moved and maintain the healthy new teeth positions after active orthodontic treatment ends. Your body will change throughout your entire life and your teeth change, too. This can be frustrating for those who…
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All about baby's first tooth

How Old Are Babies When They Cut Their First Tooth?

When can I expect my baby’s first tooth? Many first-time parents aren’t sure when they can expect their child to start cutting their first tooth. Just like other milestones in children, don’t compare your child to any other child, because each develops at their own rate. However, you can use this as a guide to…
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Talk with your child about braces

5 Tips for Talking to Your Child About the Idea of Getting Braces

If your kid needs braces, they aren’t alone. Approximately four million people younger than 18 are wearing braces in the U.S. And, 4 out of every 5 are minors. But even though so many kids are going through this treatment, it doesn’t mean they won’t have questions. Many kids have anxiety when it comes to…
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Trust your teen with braces care

Why It’s Important To Allow Your Teen To Own Their Braces Care

So your child just got braces. They’ve officially joined the ranks of millions of teens and pre-teens before them and those who will get braces treatment in the future to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. And with braces comes great braces care responsibility; to piggyback off the famous Stan Lee quote. Your child will need…
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Causes of tooth pain in a child

5 Reasons Your Child Could Be Complaining of Tooth Pain

If you think back to the last time you had a toothache, you likely wince. You aren’t making a face because it hurts now. You’re wincing because your muscle memory kicks in, reminding you how your tooth pain kept you up at night, kept you from concentrating at work, and had you scheduling the first…
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Help your child prevent cavities

7 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

It can be a challenge for any parent to get their child to brush and floss regularly and effectively. But once you have instilled this good behavior, those habits will help prevent cavities and save them from future tooth pain.  The Importance of Preventing Cavities  An untrained person may not be able to identify tooth…
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Tooth fairy around the world

7 Fascinating Tooth Fairy Traditions From Around the World

The tooth fairy is a fun tradition that keeps children excited about the development of their bodies, providing a reward as they lose their baby teeth. But traditions vary worldwide, and you might be surprised to learn how other cultures celebrate the loss of baby teeth. Discover the wide variety in baby teeth traditions. 1.…
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Early intervention orthodontics

Early Intervention Orthodontics: What Is It and How Can It Help My Child?

Have you ever noticed how many kids have braces? Orthodontists and pediatric dentists estimate that 45% of kids require braces to help correct a misaligned bite. And, nearly 75% of kids could use braces to help straighten their teeth and improve their facial shape. But how do parents know if their kids need braces, and…
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