Month: May 2022

The dos and don'ts of an orthodontic retainer

6 Tips for Effective Orthodontic Retainer Use

Proper orthodontic retainer use ensures your child gets the most from their braces. If your child is nearly ready to ...
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Early orthodontic evaluation helps prepare for the future

What to Expect During Your Child’s Orthodontic Evaluation

Preparing for your child’s first orthodontic evaluation Children grow at an incredible rate, hitting new milestones almost before you have ...
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Laser dentistry for kids

You Would Not Believe the Magic of Laser Dentistry!

Common dental procedures can often be a stressful undertaking for children. Even with a dental anesthetic to prevent pain, the ...
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What to do for your kids' tooth health

6 Tooth To-Dos for Kids

Top Tips for Kids’ Tooth Health Once your adult teeth come in, you have them for life. Taking proper care ...
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