Laser Dentistry

The latest in technology for pain-free treatment

Laser Dentistry

Here at Must Love Kids®, we use the latest in state-of-the-art laser dentistry equipment. Our laser surgery techniques ensure procedures are minimally invasive, so children are both comfortable and safe. We can even use laser treatment to detect cavities and remove tooth decay, which avoids the need for injections or drills.

A less stressful treatment for children

Benefits of Laser Treatment

The main benefit of laser treatment, especially for kids, is that it’s not as invasive as alternative treatments. The laser doesn’t directly touch the tooth and there is no loud noise or vibration. This greatly reduces dental-related anxiety in children and calms fears around having dental treatment. All your child will feel is a slight tingling as the laser removes tooth decay. Importantly, the healthy parts of the tooth stay intact with laser treatment and only the problem areas are removed. Lasers can kill bacteria within a cavity, helping to keep a tooth healthier for longer.


I brought my kids in today for the first time and they loved it! Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was amazing! Believe it or not my kids did not want to leave! Thanks again!

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A solution for lip ties and tongue ties

Revisions with Laser Treatment

At Must Love Kids®, we use a specially designed diode laser for all tongue tie and lip tie surgeries. Laser treatment is quick and easy. It’s well tolerated by babies and small children and can make a significant difference to their well-being in the long term. Failure to treat a tongue tie or lip tie can cause ongoing problems with latching and breastfeeding, and more serious cases can result in speech impediments. Laser treatment achieves optimum clinical results, a better experience for your little one, and a faster healing time than alternative methods. Sometimes tongue ties and lip ties can correct themselves over time, but a pediatric dentist will undertake a thorough examination to check what course of treatment is best suited for your child.

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