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Ashley Lindblad

I brought my kids in today for the first time and they loved it! Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was amazing! Believe it or not my kids did not want to leave! Thanks again!

Becky James Arthur

We all had a great time when the kids got their teeth cleaned. I was a little jealous but I had a great time visiting with the awesome Doctors and friendly staff. My legs are still a little sore from the video games but it was worth it.

Gina Rohrback

Dr. Mo and Dr. G are both wonderful. They are compassionate and have a very caring staff and LOVE THEIR KIDS!!!! Each visit is like spending time with family…..Their office is amazing and full of the latest technology and entertainment for the kids…I would highly recommend their wonderful services : )

Leslie Callihan

Dr. Mo and Dr. G and their staff are the best! My son feels so welcome and at home with them and the office is amazing! We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Angel Nettles-Slot

I cannot say enough good things about this husband and wife team. They not only have dentistry knowledge but have an amazing rapport with the children they see. Last summer they helped walk us through dental surgery for my nephews who were staying with us. I was so nervous but felt confident that they were in good hands. I was amazed by the attention to detail and the time allocated to ensuring that I was comfortable and had all my questions and concerns answered. They were patient and never made me feel that my concerns were dumb or not valued. Beyond that, they both impacted the kids view of dentist offices too. Lets face it, going to the dentist is not always a pleasant idea for kiddos. Sometimes it can take some coaxing. After just one visit for their cleanings, all of my kids were looking forward to going back. In fact, we are truthfully a bit late for our routine check up because we were waiting for the grand opening. All 6 of my kids will continue to see them as long as they can. Can’t wait to see the new office, our appointments are booked!