Month: September 2023

Pediatric dentistry impacts childhood wellness.

Beyond Teeth: 5 Ways Pediatric Dentistry Supports Overall Childhood Wellness

How Dental Care Shapes Childhood Health From the arrival of a child's first tooth, pediatric dentistry assumes a key role ...
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Oral hygiene with braces

5 Tips for Maintaining Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment

Fresh Breath and Cavity-Free Teeth With Braces Practicing good oral hygiene is the key to preventing tooth decay and gum ...
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The affects of sleep apnea on your child.

Sleep Apnea and Academic Performance: 7 Things Parents Need to Know

Sleep Apnea Impacts Learning and Development Sleep apnea in children often flies under the radar, as it’s often mistakenly considered ...
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Inclusive orthodontics for special needs.

Inclusive Orthodontics: Creating a Supportive Environment for Children With Special Needs and the Parents Who Love Them

Understanding Inclusive Orthodontics Despite the high prevalence of malocclusion (poor bite alignment) in children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, often ...
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