Month: March 2024

Taking care of your baby's oral health.

Baby’s First Smiles: Nurturing a Lifetime of Oral Health

One Common Goal There is one thing every parent has in common: They want the very best for their children. ...
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Orthodontics can set your child up for success.

Bracing Your Teen For Success: How Orthodontics Helps With Academic Achievement

Orthodontics can keep your teen smiling confidently and achieving academically. The teen years can be awkward for many. Trying to ...
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Oral habits story time for kids.

Tooth Tales: How To Write a Storybook Adventure About Dental Hygiene

Good stories can take us anywhere. Without stories, life would be rather boring. A good story can take us anywhere. ...
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Does your child need pediatric orthodontics?

5 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From Pediatric Orthodontics

Children may need pediatric orthodontics for many reasons. When you hear the terms “orthodontics” or “braces,” you may think that ...
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