Month: January 2024

Help make oral care fun for kids.

Fun and Games for Healthy Smiles: Turning Oral Care Into a Family Affair

Healthy Smiles For the Whole Family A proper oral health care routine is important for everyone, so why not make ...
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Help your child adjust to braces.

Tips for Helping Your Child Overcome Objections to Braces

Being a teenager is hard. Life can be stressful as a pre-teen and young teenager. Your child is likely worried ...
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Pediatric orthodontic treatment.

When is the Right Time to Start Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment?

Braces: A Common Part of Childhood Braces are frequently thought of as a part of adolescence. Though the majority of ...
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Better oral health habits for the new year.

A Healthy Smile, a Happy Year: 5 Oral Health Resolutions for Kids in the New Year

Time to create good oral health habits. It goes without saying that we want the best for our children. We ...
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