A Healthy Smile, a Happy Year: 5 Oral Health Resolutions for Kids in the New Year

Better oral health habits for the new year.

Time to create good oral health habits.

It goes without saying that we want the best for our children. We want them to do well in school, eat healthy foods, learn to be kind to others, and of course, learn to take care of their personal oral hygiene.

Teaching a child to care for themselves does much more than make that daily routine easier. Creating good habits early on can have a positive impact on a child’s life. Habits like brushing and flossing their teeth become muscle memory—and that’s exactly how we want it to be.

But what are ways to help our children form such habits? One way is by helping them create child-friendly and sustainable New Year’s resolutions.

Teaching your kids about New Year’s resolutions.

Children are pretty good at copying everything we do. Whether it’s by pretending to cook at a play kitchen, squinting into a mirror, or even making New Year resolutions. Most resolutions have something important in common: they typically have something to do with personal growth. Everyone wants to become a better, stronger, more well-rounded version of themselves.

This year, why not sit down with your children and help them make their own goals for the new year? Encourage them to create smaller resolutions that will be easier to maintain, and teach them that even the smallest goals add up over time. 

5 oral health resolutions for kids.

When finding the perfect resolutions for your children, their oral health is an amazing place to start. We here at Must Love Kids have a few ideas for you!

1. Brush for two minutes!

With this resolution, the goal is to brush those teeth for two minutes every day. Your children can track their progress in a planner or a chart. There are several ways to help them hit that full two-minute mark. First, they can set a kitchen egg timer on the counter and wait for the “ding!” If they are younger, it might be more fun to opt for a toothbrush that sings their favorite songs. These vary from their favorite pop star to “Baby Shark.” There are even some that make brushing their teeth an interactive game!

2. Lower the sugar intake!

Sometimes, the idea of limiting the sugar intake can feel a little bit daunting. But never fear! The goal is to take baby steps, not leap up the entire mountain at once. Remember, one small change can go a long way. If this is the resolution your children choose, you can start by looking at healthier options for upcoming holidays, such as Halloween. With just a little creativity, they can be on their way to making healthier decisions for their teeth. 

3. Up that water intake!

It can vary, but it is thought that human bodies are made up of up to 60% water. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to stay hydrated. The water also does wonders at washing away bacteria in the mouth.

With this resolution, your child’s goal is to increase their water intake. They can do this in many different ways. They can make a chart and place stickers on it for every glass they drink, or perhaps get hydration stickers and place them in a planner. Some children even do better with a water bottle that tracks their progress throughout the day, or an app that reminds them to take a sip!

4. Regular Dental Checkups

With this resolution, your children vow to go to their regular dental checkups without complaining. You could sweeten the deal by planning a treat for after the appointment, such as a visit to a playground or going to the store to pick out a new toothbrush. Whether their dentist is keeping an eye on past work, orthodontic treatment, or simple cleaning, it is important to go as directed! The team will be watching for anything that needs to be addressed, ensuring they can take care of it before it becomes a problem. 

5. Don’t forget the floss!

This resolution can be easily paired with the first one. If your child decides to take on this resolution, their goal is to floss their teeth every day. It is thought that the best time to floss is before brushing, but this can be at any time of the day! Your child can use traditional floss, disposable pre-threaded floss picks, or even a water flosser if they have one. No matter the method, the goal is to do it once a day to create that invaluable habit.  

Simple reminders about the importance of good oral hygiene.

Simply teaching our children to take care of their oral hygiene can help them throughout life. Having a healthy smile not only increases self-confidence, but also prevents costly procedures throughout life. Our ability to chew affects more than just the taste of our food. It affects our speech and even our digestion. So encourage your children to set those resolutions to care for their teeth!

If your child has braces, we have more ideas for New Year’s resolutions here!

Summarize the importance of oral health resolutions.

With the new year comes a fresh start, a chance to be a better person than we were the year before. It’s time to create good habits that will last the rest of our lives! Get ready to embark on this adventure to better oral health with your children. You won’t regret it.
If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s oral health, remember that you can easily contact us by a quick phone call or request an appointment online.