Xylitol Could Be One Cavity Solution

By Must Love Kids | Apr 22, 2015

While preventative care like brushing, flossing, and regular visits to Must Love Kids are the best way to keep kids free of cavities, there may be some additional tools that parents and dental professionals can use to help kids enjoy the best dental health. One of those tools may be Xylitol. Dr. Gagneja continues to…

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Dental Health Through Music

By Must Love Kids | Mar 23, 2015

Must Love Kids provides the best dentistry for children Vancouver WA has ever seen. Why? Because we take a creative approach to great, preventative healthcare for kids. At our clinic, teaching good oral hygiene habits doesn’t mean a dry lecture that has our small patients running for the door. Instead, we engage kids by using…

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Nursing and Enamel: the Surprising Connection

By Must Love Kids | Jan 27, 2015

Dental science is a fascinating field; it doesn’t just inform the best dental practices for our patients, it can also reveal new facts in completely different disciplines– like anthropology!  Scientists have found a link between the prenatal growth rate of babies’ enamel, and their subsequent weaning from breast milk. This information can tell us a…

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Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry

By Must Love Kids | Dec 19, 2014

Not so long ago, about half a century away, kids received dental treatment under very different conditions than they do today. For instance, cavities were filled (including drilling) with no anesthesia! Fortunately, times have changed a lot since then. And at your favorite Vancouver pediatric dentist, they keep getting better. Introducing: the laser One of the…

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Addressing Dental Fears

By Must Love Kids | Nov 21, 2014

No! I don’t want to go! Sound familiar? Well, your team at Must Love Kids has to admit that we may have heard this refrain before… once or twice. So let’s talk about it: sometimes kids “hate” going to the dentist. The truth is, dentist visits can feel scary. As a pediatric dentistry, Must Love…

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Alternative Halloween Treats from Must Love Kids

By Must Love Kids | Oct 28, 2014

Every Halloween, kids eat up to their weight in candy— OK, OK, maybe not that much. But certainly quite a bit. While some indulgence in sweets is a fine thing, Must Love Kids,your dentist office for kids in Vancouver,  wants to encourage our patients’ families to find alternative treats for this Halloween season– treats that…

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Even Pandas Go to the Dentist!

By Must Love Kids | Oct 20, 2014

Last month, Must Love Kids wrote a blog post highlighting some examples of unique teeth in the animal kingdom (like narwhals). This month, we have another story of animal teeth– a panda seeing the dentist. Why do pandas need dentists? Pandas actually work their teeth pretty hard. This is because they have a special diet–…

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A Kingdom of Teeth

By Must Love Kids | Sep 28, 2014

Besides the teeth that make an effort to be obvious– like elephant tusks– we might go through life without really knowing much about other species’ teeth. Well, Must Love Kids is going to change that for you! Here’s some of our favorite animal teeth for our small patients’ perusal: The endless supply Sharks don’t see…

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Must Love Kids Fixes Tongue and Lip Tie

By Must Love Kids | Sep 15, 2014

At Must Love Kids our goal is to give every child the best start at a lifetime of happy smiles and outstanding oral health. Correcting tongue tie (and lip tie) especially in newborns, could be one important step towards your child’s healthy future. What is tongue tie? Yes, feeling “tongue-tied” means you don’t know what…

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