Help your kids with handwashing

How To Instill Good Handwashing Habits in Your Kids

Get Your Child Excited About Handwashing With a big, exciting world full of places to explore and things to touch, it’s hard to explain to your little one why we should practice good hand hygiene to protect our bodies from things we can’t see. Germs can sometimes sound like imaginary characters, like the Tooth Fairy…
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5 Reasons to See a Hygienist While Wearing Braces

Dental cleanings are important during your child’s journey with braces. Braces are an exciting milestone for kids! It means they’ve reached adolescence and soon enough they’ll be entering their teenage years with a newly straightened smile. As a parent investing in their child’s future adult smile, you want to do everything possible to ensure the…
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Give your kids a balanced diet

A Guide to Treating Your Toddlers to a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet Guidelines for Toddlers Feeding toddlers can be quite a tricky business. Between the ages of one and three, toddlers are going through rapid development, both physically and mentally. They are learning more about themselves, including what foods they like and which they aren’t so sure about yet. Many parents also find that their…
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oral health books for kids

10 Books to Teach Your Children About Oral Health

Kids Learn About Oral Health Through Connection and Fun Books People love stories. Although we can’t know for sure, it’s thought that stories have existed practically as long as oral language has—perhaps longer, if you count stories told without language, through mediums like cave paintings. Stories entertain us, but they also teach us about the…
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10 Graphic Novels Your Middle Schooler Will Want to Read

Supporting Your Child During Back-To-School Season With back-to-school upon us, many parents of middle school children are on the hunt for school supplies and other items that will help bolster their kids’ education. As it has become so easy to turn to an electronic device, parents want to reduce the amount of screen time that…
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10 Ways Braces Can Improve Your Child’s Health

Orthodontics goes beyond simply improving your child’s smile. It feels like an age-old story: A young teen goes to the dentist or orthodontist and emerges with braces decked out in their favorite colors. While braces have only become common in recent generations, they’ve practically become a rite of passage. Braces are incredibly effective and well…
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5 Symptoms You Didn’t Know Were Caused by Jaw Misalignment

Jaw misalignment can have a bigger impact than you may realize. We use our jaws almost constantly to eat, speak, express our emotions, and even swallow. Despite this near-constant use, we don’t often think about them—we just trust them to do their jobs! When we do think about our jaws, it’s easy to view them…
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Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your Child to the Dentist

What You Need to Know About Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist Parents: Why is it important to take your child to the dentist? How can you prepare for your toddler’s first dental appointment? And what’s special about Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry? Here’s everything you need to know about taking your child to…
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What Is a Pulpotomy? Baby Tooth Root Canals Explained

Pulpitis, Pulpotomy, and Pulpectomy—What They Mean Your child has been experiencing a toothache, and their pediatric dentist has discovered that a badly decayed baby tooth is the cause of the problem. The good news is that your child’s tooth is able to be saved. However, a dental filling won’t be able to fix the issue.…
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10 Questions Parents Ask About Our State-of-the-Art Laser Dentistry

Top 10 Laser Dentistry FAQs Has your child’s pediatric dentist mentioned laser dentistry? Have you noticed this type of dentistry listed on a pediatric dentist’s website? Here are the top 10 most common questions Dr. Mo and Dr. G of Must Love Kids get from curious parents. 1. Is laser dentistry safe for kids? Laser…
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