Help your child prevent dental injuries

5 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Their Children’s Injuries

Protect your child from dental injuries. Trips, slips, and falls seem to be inevitable in children, but there’s a lot we can do to help limit and prevent them. Check out these 5 tips from Must Love Kids on how you can protect your child from injuries. 1. Encourage play on safe surfaces. Take a…
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Laser dentistry can help with breastfeeding

Diode Laser Gets Your Baby Back to Breastfeeding Easily

What You Need to Know About Lip-tie and Tongue-tie Laser Surgeries It’s not uncommon for breastfeeding moms to worry about whether their little bundle of joy has a tongue or lip tie, and if so, what’s the best way to treat it. In your research on this condition, you’ve probably come across terms like frenulum,…
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Taking care of your teeth while wearing braces

6 Must-Do’s For Maintaining a Healthy Smile in Braces

How To Care for Braces (For Teens) So you’re finally getting your braces fitted! Kudos to you. The start of your orthodontic treatment is an exciting time that puts you one step closer to achieving your perfect smile. Before you get there, though, there are a couple of things our team at Must Love Kids…
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Straight teeth are often healthier teeth

6 Reasons Straight Teeth Make Your Smile Healthier

Orthodontics for Children: Why Having Straight Teeth Matters Let’s get one thing straight: the aesthetics of a straight smile are to die for. Maybe not literally, but they sure do make it easier to smile. And as a parent, who wouldn’t want that for their child? Just to make your decision to have your child’s…
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Dental sealants protect teeth

Dental Sealants: Protecting the Teeth of America’s Children

Preventing Cavities With Dental Sealants Protecting our children’s teeth is just one of many things we need to do as parents. If your child develops tooth decay, it can mean pain, eating and speaking difficulties, or embarrassment when they smile and lead to more significant problems for their adult teeth down the road. Dental sealants,…
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Don't sweat your child's first dental appointment

5 Tips as You Prepare for Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Preparing for your baby’s first dental appointment can be both exciting and overwhelming. You’re excited because your little one is approaching a new milestone, but you may be a bit worried because you aren’t sure how your baby will react and behave at their visit.  These emotions are normal for parents who haven’t brought their…
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Braces for a better life

Better Sleep, Less Pain: 5 Ways Kids’ Braces Help

Kids’ braces are about more than just a beautiful smile. When you hear the word braces, you probably picture a teenager with a mouth full of metal and a goofy smile. But braces can help do more than just provide a beautiful smile. In conjunction with regular preventive dental care and orthodontic evaluations, braces can…
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Understanding braces

Samantha Gets Braces

Samantha has always been a happy and healthy girl. She loves school, and her favorite subject is science. Right now, she is in 6th grade and is learning all about the human body systems. And recently, she learned about the digestive system. Samantha’s teacher spent some time talking about the nose, ears, and mouth.  During…
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Kids can achieve good oral health

A Day in the Life of Samantha’s Teeth

Samantha is a happy little girl who lives in Vancouver, Washington. She is happy because she started going to Kindergarten this year and she really enjoys learning new things at school. Samantha especially loves when special guests come to school to teach the kids new things. And this week was exceptionally fun because a dentist…
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Healthy snacks that prevent cavities

5 Tasty Snacks That Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Healthy Snacks to Keep Kids’ Teeth Cavity-Free Providing a healthy diet loaded with a variety of nutritious foods is just as important to your child’s growing body as their rapidly developing smile. Diet plays a big role in oral health, particularly when it comes to preventing tooth decay. Offering tasty and nutritious snacks will help…
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