A Healthy Tooth Adventure


Little Tooth Meets the World

Goooood morning!

It’s bright and sunny outside! I can tell because light surrounded me when Sarah opened her mouth to yawn.

I should probably introduce myself! Hi! I’m Little Tooth.

Even though I’m technically still a baby tooth, I go on some pretty big adventures, every day. Plus, as Sarah grows, I’m gaining lots of new friends all around me!

Thankfully, I’m a healthy tooth because Sarah and her parents make sure to take great care of me. Travel along with me as we explore the day together!

A Yummy Breakfast For a Healthy Tooth

Oh, man! Do I hear the blender? Before Sarah cleans me for the day, she always treats me and my friends to a healthy, delicious breakfast.

During the week, she sticks to foods that make me feel strong and powerful! I especially love when she drinks milk or yogurt smoothies. Did you know that calcium is one of the most important nutrients for my growth? It’s true! Calcium makes my outer shell, called my enamel, super strong. This keeps cavities away and helps me look my best.

While milk is a great source of calcium, I also love it when Sarah treats me to other calcium-rich foods, like beans and leafy greens! Of course, I don’t have those at breakfast, though!

This morning, Sarah’s mom is making us a delicious berry yogurt smoothie. She’s also treating us to eggs, which are full of other nutrients I need, like vitamin D, vitamin K, and phosphorus. Vitamin D also helps me absorb calcium, so it’s a total win!

My Morning Rinse

Once she’s finished with breakfast, it’s time to start my favorite part of the day! Sarah always remembers to brush me and my toothy friends every morning after breakfast. She uses just a little fluoride toothpaste so we can get clean and sparkly!

Since I was born, I’ve always heard Sarah’s parents turn on a special timer when it’s cleaning time. It’s a fun song that lasts for two minutes and reminds her to keep scrubbing all the way around me!

Did you know that you can find these songs for your teeth? There are plenty of mobile apps that are made just for the job!

When she’s finished brushing, Sarah’s mom helps her floss around every tooth, including me! That way, none of the food from breakfast will stick to me and make me sick.

A Lunchtime Treat For a Healthy Tooth

The morning flew right by, and now it’s time for lunch. I know we’re in the school cafeteria because it’s pretty noisy here! I can hear the voices of Sarah’s friends and her teacher.

Let’s see what her mom packed for lunch today. Oh yes! A turkey and cheese sandwich, baby carrots, and a few nuts.

Why am I so excited? The cheese in the sandwich is filled with calcium, and the turkey is high in protein! Both of these nutrients are great for my development. The best part? Those sweet baby carrots are more than simply delicious. They also help Sarah make a little more saliva, which helps keep me clean all day long!

What’s that I see in the bottom of the bag? Sarah’s mom packed her a brownie! I love the way these chocolate morsels taste, but I sure hope she doesn’t eat too many. It always makes me feel a little weak and sick when she does that. Thankfully, it’s a mini brownie, so the coast is clear!

We all need a little treat every once in a while, and Sarah knows not to overdo it. She knows that too much sugar can attract harmful bacteria around me. This bacteria can create an acid that hurts my enamel.

We finish lunch and head back to the classroom. It’s almost time for recess!

Dinner and Bedtime

Wow! It’s been a very big day. Sarah played outside and hung upside down on the monkey bars on the playground. As she opened her mouth to laugh, I got a topsy-turvy view of the whole world! It sure is big out there, and I’m glad Sarah knows how to keep me strong so I can enjoy all of it.

Tonight, her parents made salmon and broccoli for dinner! Like the turkey earlier, salmon is high in protein. It’s also filled with calcium and vitamin D, so it’s a great food for me. There’s also lots of calcium in broccoli, along with vitamin C and other nutrients.

Then, it was time to unwind with my favorite habit, once again! Sarah knows to always brush and floss her teeth and gums after dinner, right before her dad reads her a bedtime story. That scrub felt so good and made me pretty sleepy. In fact, I think it’s time for me and my friends to go to sleep.

A Happy, Healthy Tooth

As you can see, it’s important for Sarah to take great care of me. When she cleans me often and eats foods that make me feel good, I can live happily as a healthy tooth! One day, adult teeth will take my place, so she wants to create a great environment for them to live in.

Another way that Sarah shows me she loves me? She lets the dentist take a look at me every few months to make sure I look my best. Visiting the dentist is fun because they use a special toothbrush that tickles me and leaves me feeling fresh! Sometimes, the dentist even takes a picture of me!

Thank you for following along on my adventures today. Let’s hang out again sometime! If you’re looking for a dental office that will take great care of the teeth in your own life, go ahead and make an appointment with Must Love Kids today!