10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Time With Your Kids


Wondering how you can spend more fun quality time with your kids?

Raising a family and keeping a household together can be a daunting experience for first-time parents. Various bills and work can keep you away from your kids; however, it’s crucial to know how to balance family time with outside commitments.

What are some rewarding and positive ways to make your children feel prioritized and loved? Here are 10 fun things to do with kids and get the most out of your time with them.

Create some special memories with your family using these 10 tips.

1. Get some alone time.

Spending time as a family is great for making special memories and bonding. Try to find one day every month to spend some special alone time with your children.

Mark the dates on your calendars to show your children that you still prioritize them. Some fun things to do with kids include watching a play in the local theatre or going on a picnic. You can also do indoor activities as long as you spend time with your kids for the whole day.

2. Have special dinner nights.

Dinner with the whole family is an important time for bonding. However, you and your kids will be more eager to sit down and eat if you introduce a dinner theme. You can go for pizza night, taco night, egg night, pancake night, and so on.

Special dinner nights can also be an opportunity to let your kid join in with cooking. Cook together and talk about school or things that they did today. Cooking with kids can increase togetherness and family building while helping them learn life skills.

3. Enjoy nature together.

Spending time in nature is a great way to have fun with your kids and build an emotional connection. Something as simple as walking some nature trails or camping can help you connect with your kids. Enjoying nature is also another way to get your kid off their phone.

Not only is going outdoors beneficial for your kids, but you also benefit from it. The time you spend outside with the sunlight can give you plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D.

4. Be there when night falls.

Nighttime is when you should be present to help with your kid’s hygiene and sleeping. Create a bedtime routine to connect with your children before winding down. You can add fun things, such as a pillow fight or singing sleep songs.

Give them a good old bedtime story from books or real life, and don’t forget to help them with their oral hygiene routines, such as brushing and flossing. Make their routine fun by playing dentist or dancing to music while brushing.

5. Make chores a game.

Did you know that kids secretly want to help? Children who help with household chores see that they’re important contributors to the family. This helps with their self-esteem, connection, and responsibility.

It’s time to complete chores as a family rather than leaving it up to one person. Build a system for completing a larger task, like washing a load of laundry. Divide the tasks so you can have more time to sit down and watch a TV series as a family.

6. Join your kid’s interests.

If your kid gets completely absorbed in doing something they like, why not join them? If your child loves painting, break out the brushes and create a masterpiece for the wall. If they love playing video games, challenge them to a battle and show ‘em how it’s really done. Your child will see that you view their interests as important and will love showing off their skills to you.

7. Relax with family downtime.

Both you and your children may feel stressed and exhausted just from the daily grind of school and work responsibilities. Schedule some relaxing activities where you all can unwind and relax away from school or work. Try out new activities like swimming, exercises, or hiking to the top of a mountain. Find time to go on road trips or take a vacation. Plan family downtime by adventuring to a new place or organizing a tech-free day.

8. Take walks.

Every minute is important when spending time with your kids, so reduce your driving time. If you’re not late for anything, take the time to walk with your kids when bringing them to school or their friend’s place. Walking with your children gives you more unscripted moments and talking time.

Walk to places and hold your kids’ hands while talking about what they want to see or do before the day is over. Lessening your driving also saves you money and slows down the pace of your life. Take the time to find a quiet place to drink some coffee or read a book before heading to work.

9. Establish a morning routine.

When your children wake up, why not take five minutes to connect and have fun. You can cuddle together or do your morning stretches or yoga together. If your kids sleep alone, they may be needy for your attention in the morning.

Start the day right by creating a stress-free and relaxing morning. Try out mindful breathing to help regulate emotions and manage stress. Create a morning routine that helps your kid focus and enjoy the rest of their day.

10. Share and reminisce.

If you’ve ever made the throwaway comment, “You used to do that as a baby,” and had your child respond with, “Really? What did I used to do?” you’ll know that kids love hearing about themselves. If you’re looking to create a bonding moment, pull out some baby photos or tell them stories about their first word, first steps, or funny things they did when they were little.

Also, let them share what they’ve achieved today and, in return, talk honestly about your plans. By actively listening to them you will gain an insight into what is important in their world right now, and by sharing they will understand that mom and dad are people too, and not just the adults who make sure they eat a healthy meal and brush their teeth at night.

Have fun with these 10 things to do with kids!

Creating opportunities to put your children first creates a bond that can last for a long time. Your children will grow fast and soon leave the nest, making it harder to spend time together—bond with your kids with these 10 fun things to do with kids.

Spend your free time playing and teaching them skills that will set them up for a healthy and happy life, such as supporting good oral hygiene. If you need help with your child’s oral hygiene, we’re here to help you.