How Orthodontics Has Changed Since You Were a Kid


Orthodontics has improved leaps and bounds.

If you are like most kids (and we were all kids once), you either had braces as a kid or had friends who did. And, if you are like many adults, you get a chuckle now and again when looking at photos of those metal-mouthed teenagers. Though it might seem funny now to reflect on those days long ago of metal braces in one out of every three or so months, it probably didn’t feel so funny then. Thankfully, modern dentistry has evolved since then, as has pediatric orthodontics.

Have you ever noticed that fewer and fewer teenagers seem to have braces these days? Yet, it also appears that more and more youngsters have orthodontics. And what is this whole Invisalign thing? How can it be that just a couple of short decades later, an entirely new approach to pediatric orthodontics has made itself known?

What other changes has pediatric orthodontics seen since you were a kid?

1. Today’s children are undergoing early orthodontic evaluations.

When we were kids, it seemed like the concept of getting braces didn’t come into play until our teenage years. And it sure felt like an inopportune time, especially when dating, hanging out at the bowling alley, and spending hours upon hours at the mall with friends had become a way of life.

Today’s kids, however, have the advantage of partaking in early orthodontic evaluations. Though there are many reasons why early orthodontic evaluations are vital to your child’s health, perhaps the most critical is that it helps your child take charge of their oral health by developing a satisfactory kids’ oral hygiene routine.

2. Early intervention reduces the need for future pediatric orthodontic treatments.

Another advantage that today’s youngsters (and their parents) have is that by seeing a pediatric orthodontist or a pediatric dentist who can practice orthodontics, such as Dr. Mo, they may need fewer treatments down the road. Even if your child doesn’t have their adult teeth by the age of seven when an orthodontic evaluation is recommended, a kids’ dentist can scan your child’s mouth to predict when the adult teeth might come in. This makes it easier to identify future risks due to overcrowding, sleep problems, and high palate.

3. Today’s pediatric dentists have a greater understanding of how straight and crooked teeth affect dental health and whole health.

Crooked teeth can indicate future health problems, and this wasn’t as widely understood just a couple of decades ago. Crooked teeth can be linked to various medical ailments, including but not limited to gum disease, jaw pain, and sleep apnea.

Not only that, but as mental illness has become higher on our radars, we all have a better understanding of the link between self-confidence with depression and anxiety. This means that when pediatric dentists have the opportunity to assess patients at an earlier age, certain conditions can be corrected earlier on. And pediatric braces provide an excellent solution that helps children get straight teeth sooner.

4. Modern technology, such as Invisalign, offers discretion while providing your child with straighter teeth.

Though Invisalign isn’t for everybody and your kids’ dentist should be trusted to guide your child toward the right solution for them, this type of technology not only straightens teeth but provides a discretion that aids in maintaining and boosting self-confidence. When Invisalign is the right solution for your child, it can also mean a lessened risk of cavities.

Not only is Invisalign discrete, but it isn’t permanent. This means that your child can remove the Invisalign trays before meals and for tooth-brushing and flossing. The result is that less food debris gets stuck between teeth and the wires of the braces.

Let the Must Love Kids team show you how pediatric orthodontics has changed.

If you are the parent of a child who sucks their thumb or is attached to the pacifier, then you probably know that repeated exposure to thumb and pacifier sucking can result in a narrowing of the roof of the mouth. This ongoing exposure can lead to problems with developing teeth down the road. Therefore, it is more important than ever to bring your child in for an early orthodontic evaluation.

Drs. Mo and Prashant Gagneja and their team utilize the latest technology to enhance your child’s dental care quality and comfort. Must Love Kids ensures that each dental diagnosis is accurate and customized and that any pediatric dental treatment is comfortable for your child.

If you are seeking a Vancouver pediatric dentist for your child, look no further. Request an appointment, and one of our team members will be in touch to help you schedule an appointment for your child. We’ll take your concerns seriously and assess your child’s pediatric orthodontics needs, creating a treatment plan that will set them on the path for a beautiful and healthy smile.