Why Get Orthodontic Treatment at Your Pediatric Dentist Office?

Orthodontic treatment for your child

Address all of your child’s dental needs under one roof.

It’s estimated that between 50%–70% of American children will need to get braces before they reach their adult years. Whether your child has crooked, overcrowded, or overlapping teeth or malocclusion (bad bite), getting their teeth corrected early on will help with their self-confidence and success later in life. But orthodontic treatment is quite the investment, both financially and timewise. How can parents make orthodontic treatment a bit easier to handle? The answer lies in getting your child’s treatment done at their pediatric dentist’s office.

4 Benefits of Getting Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment Done at the Pediatric Dentist’s Office

Parents today have so many competing priorities. From managing their work schedules to juggling home life, the concept of orthodontics and the related time commitment can seem daunting. Getting braces means a lot of appointments—and for a good reason. These in-person visits ensure your child’s teeth are shifting as planned. 

And these appointments are necessary to correct damaged or broken appliances and ensure your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy. But there are many other benefits of getting orthodontic treatment done at the pediatric dentist’s office.

1. Pediatric dentists and pediatricians who can practice orthodontics receive extra training.

Some pediatric dentists choose to get extra training so they can offer orthodontic services to their patients. For example, Dr. Mo, a pediatric dentist who can practice orthodontics, specialized in pediatric dentistry at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU). During that time, she had the opportunity to train at the School of Dentistry and learn how to treat kids with special health care needs at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. 

In 2009, she received her board certification from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and has since continued her education to provide orthodontic treatments to her patients. This gives her a well-rounded approach to providing holistic care to children who need braces or other orthodontic interventions.

2. It’s more convenient to meet all your child’s dental needs in one place.

Typical braces treatment requires visits every four to six weeks to adjust wires and check on your child’s teeth or gums. By combining orthodontic treatment care with your child’s regular dental examinations every six months, you may have fewer treatments overall. Further, your child will receive far more holistic care from one provider. Plus, when it comes to getting a well-rounded view of your child’s health, those combined visits make it easier to identify other dental issues.

3. Your child already has a relationship with their pediatric dentist.

Stranger danger is real, and even though parents teach their children that their doctor and dentist are trusted professionals, kids still get uncomfortable when it’s time to get to know adults outside of their immediate family. When your child receives their orthodontic treatment from their pediatric dentist, however, they can make use of their existing relationship. 

Today’s advanced dental technology allows dentists to spot issues early, making it easier for early intervention and helping parents know what to expect later. We recommend that children have their first dental visit before their first birthday and every six months after that. And most kids have their first orthodontic evaluation around the age of seven. 

This means your child will have nearly six years to get to know their pediatric dentist, long before their braces will need to go on. That’s a long-standing relationship both you and your kid can count on.

4. Your child’s oral health is directly linked to their overall health.

As with most areas of the body, your child’s mouth is full of bacteria, most of which are harmless. But your child’s mouth serves as the entry point to their digestive and respiratory tracts, and this bacteria, if left unchecked, can lead to disease. Down the road, poor oral health can lead to endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, and pregnancy complications. So, taking good care of their mouth and oral health now will help lessen your child’s risk for serious illnesses later.

Does your child need braces? Consider orthodontic treatment at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Vancouver, WA.

If your child has crooked teeth or a malocclusion, orthodontic treatment can help them regain their beautiful smile. With only one place to go for all of your child’s dental care, parents can save both time and money.

If you live in or near Vancouver, Washington, the dental team at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry would love to aid in your child’s orthodontic treatment and pediatric dental needs. 
Must Love Kids’ team of professionals provides the utmost in pediatric dentistry for children of all ages. We also welcome children with all behavioral, medical, and mobility needs. Request an appointment today for an orthodontic treatment consultation with Dr. Mo and see for yourself how our approach to pediatric orthodontics in Vancouver, Washington, sets us apart.