What Should I Expect the Day I Have My Braces Put On?

When braces go on

Your First Day With Braces

You’ve already found out that you’ll be getting braces, and now the big day is almost here!

You may be feeling super excited, but you’re probably also wondering what it’s going to be like that first day. After all, it’s not like a dental cleaning or getting a filling, which might be things you’re used to. Braces are something new, and that means you don’t exactly know what to expect.

If this sounds like how you’re feeling, we’ve got your back! We’re going to go over everything you need to know about the first day with braces.

How Braces Are Applied to Teeth

Good news – having braces applied to your teeth doesn’t hurt, and Dr. Mo will be done in about an hour or two! The only thing you need to do during your visit is sit back, relax, and let Dr. Mo work on your teeth. 

There are about five steps involved in having braces put on your teeth.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Teeth

First, Dr. Mo needs to make sure your teeth are perfectly clean. This part is similar to regular dental cleaning, but you’ll probably be wearing a special mouthpiece that keeps your cheeks away from your teeth. This mouthpiece is important because your teeth need to stay dry while the brackets are being glued on. 

Step 2: Placing the Brackets

After your teeth are prepped and dry, Dr. Mo will then place brackets on your teeth. These are the square metal pieces that will hold the wires in place.

Dr. Mo will pick brackets for each tooth based on its size and shape. She’ll attach these with a special adhesive that works like a super strong glue. The adhesive Dr. Mo uses will then be cured with a special light, which hardens the glue.

Step 3: Placing the Bands

Sometimes Dr. Mo will also place special metal bands around your molars. These metal bands work like an anchor for your braces and can help move your teeth better when you have big gaps or a lot of crookedness. These metal bands are also placed on your teeth with a special dental glue.

Step 4: Attaching the Wires

After the brackets and metal bands are in place and set, Dr. Mo then adds the wire. These wires straighten your teeth by guiding them slowly into a better position. Dr. Mo will use special colored rubber bands to hold these wires in place by securing them to the metal brackets on your teeth. The best part is you get to choose the color of your rubber bands! 

Step 5: Final Fit

After everything is in place Dr. Mo will have you sit up and see how the braces feel. Your new braces will feel like you have a lot of stuff in your mouth, but you shouldn’t feel anything sharp or painful. If something doesn’t feel good, Dr. Mo will take a look and make changes to make sure you feel before you leave the office. 

What Braces Feels Like the First Day

Right away you’ll notice that your mouth feels kind of funny. Your new braces might feel big and your mouth will also feel dry since you had it open for so long. Dr. Mo will give you lip balm and a special wax called orthodontic wax. She’ll show you how you can put a little bit of wax on any part of your braces that feel uncomfortable or pokey against your lips, cheek, or tongue.

After you get home you might notice that your teeth feel sensitive or uncomfortable, especially when you eat for the first time. This is normal, and don’t worry, within a day or two you’re going to feel much better! Your mouth just needs a little time to get used to your braces.

Your Next Visit to the Dentist

After your first week or two with braces, you should feel pretty used to wearing them. Keep using your wax as needed, wear lip balm, and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You also want to be careful that you don’t eat anything you’re not supposed to. If you’re not sure about eating something, always ask your parents first.

After your braces are put on you’ll see Dr. Mo again every 4 to 8 weeks for a check-up and tightening. During these visits she’ll examine your braces and sometimes take an X-ray. If everything looks good, Dr. Mo will tighten the wires on your braces to make sure they keep moving your teeth. You’ll also get a chance to change your bands to a different color if you want! If you or your parents ever have questions about your braces, Dr. Mo can help. Your parents can get in touch with Dr. Mo by calling our Vancouver, WA, office or asking a question online.