dentistry for children in Vancouver, WA

When it comes to protecting your family’s oral health, it takes more than just scheduling regular appointments at a dentistry for children in Vancouver, WA. The healthy example you set for your kids has an impact now as they mature. According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, when a group of parents worked with their children to lose weight, 40 percent of those kids sustained their weight loss a decade later. In the same way you can encourage better eating habits in kids, you can also model great oral care habits that your kids can carry forward into adulthood. Here are a few healthy habits you can practice with your kids to establish a lasting foundation for their long-term oral health.

Spend Time Outdoors

While family game or movie night makes for a great way to spend time as a family, getting into the habit of moving family time outdoors actually decreases the risk of stroke, cancer and heart disease, according to the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative. Adults actually need 30 minutes of exercise daily, while kids need to stay active at least 60 minutes a day. You can model physical activity and exercise for your kids by finding an enjoyable activity everyone in the family can fully participate. Whether it’s taking a family hike, playing a backyard game of tag or walking around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights, you’ll be setting a healthy lifestyle example they will always carry with them.

Bring Healthy Snacks for Long Days Out

Most parents know the benefit of keeping a handful of snacks on hand whenever keeping the kids out of the home for long periods throughout the day. But rather than packing a candy bar, Fruit Rollup or Goldfish crackers to satisfy your child’s hunger pangs, bring something that falls into the healthy food category – such as apple slices, carrots sticks or nuts – instead. It’s also important that your kids see you enjoying these same snacks instead of grabbing a bagel or muffin at the local Starbucks when it’s time for a snack.

Switch from Lattes to Green Tea

It might seem impossible to give up your favorite flavor of latte for a cup of green tea, but the healthy benefits make the switch worth your while. Starting the day with a cup of coffee can set you up for a caffeine crash, which might make it more likely you’ll turn to sugar for a much needed boost when it hits – increasing your risk of tooth decay in the process. Choosing green tea, however, provides just enough caffeine to start your day with added bonus of not staining your teeth like coffee does. Green tea can also decrease the risk of tooth decay, according to recent studies. Lattes also contain a large number of calories, so making the switch can help improve your waistline. Overall, modeling this habit for your kids will demonstrate that you care just as much about your health and your smile as Dr. Mo and Dr. G.

Practice Quality Oral Hygiene Even on Vacation

While it’s perfectly okay to enjoy a relaxed schedule on vacation, that doesn’t mean you should take a break from maintaining your oral health. Vacation time with the kids makes for a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of continuing daily oral health habits, such as flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Paying attention to your oral health while on vacation teaches your kids that some routines can be maintained while still having a good time.

Maintain Regular Trips to Your Dentistry for Children in Vancouver, WA

One of the best habits parents can model for their kids is the need to maintain their oral health by making regular visit to our dentistry for children in Vancouver, WA. By scheduling appointments to see Dr. Mo and Dr. G at Must Love Kids, you can demonstrate to your kids that protecting their oral health is an important priority.

Making a commitment to these healthy habits and calling attention to them with your kids will help pave the way towards great oral care well into adulthood.