Are Fillings in Baby Teeth Really Necessary?


Primary teeth are temporary, but they have a permanent impact on your child’s future oral health.

Baby teeth may be temporary, but the health and strength of these primary teeth can either positively or negatively impact your child’s future smile.

Your child’s baby teeth serve five very important purposes.

Healthy primary teeth play important roles in nearly all aspects of your child’s growth and development.

Healthy primary teeth allow for:

  • Thorough chewing of food and proper nutrient absorption
  • Speech skills to develop easily and naturally
  • Adult teeth to erupt as well-aligned as possible
  • Reduced risks of future tooth decay on adult teeth
  • Kids to feel confident in themselves and their smiles

Baby teeth suffering from untreated tooth decay may shed too early or too late, need to be extracted, or even cause the underlying adult teeth to come in crooked or damaged.

Protect your child’s smile by taking action against tooth decay.

The most common oral health problem in kids of all ages is tooth decay. Tooth decay can be caused by poor oral hygiene habits, a diet with too many enamel-damaging foods, or a hereditary weakness for cavities.

Baby teeth are particularly vulnerable to developing tooth decay simply because the enamel on these primary teeth is thinner than adult teeth. Youngsters often aren’t as skilled at brushing and flossing as well, which makes it easy for cavities to develop at a faster rate.

Parents can protect their child’s smile in three ways:

  1. Establish a thorough but fun at-home dental care routine for mornings and nights.
  2. Bring your child in for biannual dental checkups and cleanings with a pediatric dentist.
  3. When tooth decay is discovered, follow through with the dentist’s treatment plan.

Let’s talk more about why your child’s pediatric dentist may recommend a filling for baby teeth.

Treating tooth decay on baby teeth is safe and beneficial.

Knowing that a baby tooth isn’t permanent can often leave parents wondering, “Does my child really need to have a filling so soon?”

The simplest answer is yes. If your child’s dentist recommends a filling on a baby tooth, they’re doing so for very important reasons.

When one of our pediatric dentists is examining tooth decay on a baby tooth, they’re keeping many factors in mind when making the decision to treat or wait. If the baby tooth is already about to shed on its own anyway, the dentist may decide it’s best to skip the filling and wait. If the baby tooth is going to be around for a while and the decay has already shown signs of progressing, it’s best to treat the tooth right away to prevent further damage.

As a parent, your child’s safety and well-being are always at the forefront of your mind. Our pediatric dentists want to reassure parents that the treatment process of getting a filling on a baby tooth is safe, easy, and often much quicker than parents realize.

After the gentle but swift placement of a new tooth-colored filling, you can feel confident knowing your child’s oral health is being protected from the damaging effects of untreated tooth decay.

What You Can Expect During Your Child’s Filling Appointment

Modern pediatric dentistry has evolved at a rapid pace. Many parents are excited to learn that something as routine as a filling can be a far easier and more comfortable experience compared to their own experiences in their youth.

When you arrive for your child’s appointment, you’ll be greeted by our welcoming, friendly team who will help you get checked in. Your child can play some games, read a book, and explore the fantastic comic book art in our office while you wait.

From there, one of our dental assistants will escort your child back to an exam room for their appointment. You might also come back with your child to speak with their dentist before returning to our parents’ waiting area once the dentist gets to work.

Our pediatric practice is outfitted with the latest technology, from digital X-rays to painless, needle-free anesthesia. Your child’s cavity may even have been previously detected, thanks to our state-of-the-art transillumination cavity-detecting camera!

Once your child is comfortable and completely numb, one of our dentists will expertly place a tooth-colored filling that will seamlessly blend in with their smile. After some polishing up, your child’s tooth will be done and they’ll be ready to head home!

If you’re worried about how well your child might sit for their appointment, perhaps due to anxiety or a medical condition, let their dentist know. We offer sedation dentistry for kids to help keep them comfortable and happy.

Protect Your Child’s Oral Health By Booking a Visit Today

When you’re ready to book your child’s filling appointment, you can do so by calling our Vancouver office or filling out this quick online form. If you still have questions about fillings for baby teeth or anything else to do with your child’s oral health, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!