Does Your Child Have Anxiety During Fillings? Laser Dentistry Can Help

Laser dentistry can help ease anxiety

Do you remember the last time you had a filling? If so, you probably remember less about what you wore and your conversation with the dental assistant and more about that loud drill that went to work in your mouth. 

Though the sound of the tool wasn’t delightful, you were likely able to mentally drown out the noise. But when it comes to your kids at the dentist, they might not be able to drown out the noise entirely as you do. And that’s where laser dentistry can help mitigate your child’s dental anxiety.

Let laser dentistry help ease your child’s dental anxiety. 

Historically, dentists have used dental power tools to remove tooth decay from cavities in primary teeth. These hand tools help the dentist to change the shape of the hole in the tooth so that it can better hold permanent filling material. And these little power tools used for dental purposes are quite noisy. After all, in order to be effective, the bits need to move rapidly, which causes that shrieking sound. On top of it, the tool sounds louder than it actually is due to the proximity that your mouth has to your ears.

But new approaches to modern dentistry have provided better ways to remove tooth decay from a diseased tooth. Laser dentistry, such as what we use at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry, ensures that procedures are minimally invasive, keeping young patients comfortable and safe. Dental lasers repair cavities without all the painful stuff. Not only that, but the sound is much quieter, and the vibration that comes with a standard dental hand tool is essentially eliminated.

Lasers provide an exact way to fix dental caries. Dental lasers use an invisible light beam to virtually zap cavities away, leaving the appropriate amount of space for a filling to be placed. As a result, dentists don’t need to remove as much of the healthy tooth as they do when using more traditional dental tools. 

Help your child prepare for their laser dentistry appointment.

If your child needs a dental filling, there are things you can do at home before the appointment to help ease their anxiety. In our experience, parents following the advice below have seen their children have more effective dental appointments.

1. Be open and transparent.

We know that some kids think it is scary to go to the dentist. But we also know that the more open and honest with your child about what to expect, the better the appointment will go. So, before your child comes in for their filling, make sure they know what a cavity is and how a filling will fix it… keeping their teeth healthy and strong. 

2. Make dentist day a special day.

It can sometimes be challenging to find a day dedicated to your child. However, the day your child gets their dental filling creates an excellent opportunity for you to do something special with them, either before or after. 

Enjoy a meal together out at your child’s favorite restaurant before the appointment. Let them pick the family movie that night before bed. Anything you can do to make your child feel special that day will help ease their anxiety.

3. Have your child bring a favorite stuffie or blanket to their appointment.

We always encourage parents to allow their children to bring a favorite stuffie or blanket to the dentist with them. Though we’re confident we can help your child have a successful appointment, having something cozy and familiar can make quite a difference. 

So before you leave the house, have them grab their favorite teddy bear, their sleepy blanket, or whatever gives them comfort. And encourage them to tell us at their appointment why their toy or blanket are so special to them!

4. Let the team at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry help!

Our team believes in helping reduce dental anxiety in kids through behavior guidance. While sedation dentistry is an excellent option for kids who just can’t calm themselves for their appointment, it isn’t the only option. Our team can help reduce dental-related anxiety through behavior guidance and non-medication options. 

This highly-effective technique alleviates dental anxiety and creates a positive attitude about going to the dentist. Behavior guidance enables pediatric dentists to perform dental treatments for children of all ages and abilities. And our no-size-fits-all approach means that each treatment will be tailored to suit the child’s individual needs.

Experience the difference in laser dentistry at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Vancouver, Washington.

If your child has cavities in their primary teeth, your pediatric dentist in Vancouver, Washington can help. Request an appointment today and see how laser dentistry can make your child comfortable in the dentist’s chair. During your child’s consultation, we’ll answer all of the questions that parents ask about laser dentistry. We’re confident that you too will see how the magic of laser dentistry is a game-changer when it comes to dentistry for kids.