5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Kids


Laser dentistry provides real benefits for your child.

In recent years, lasers have stepped firmly off the pages of science fiction and into reality; although they might still sound like they belong in a novel or a state-of-the-art laboratory instead of at a dental office, we regularly use our LiteTouch laser to give kids the best treatment modern dentistry can provide. While it’s natural for you to be anxious at the idea of your child undergoing a dental procedure—perhaps even more so when a treatment method as unfamiliar as lasers is involved—laser dentistry is an FDA-approved method of treatment that benefits your child during the procedure itself and during the healing process. Here are 5 ways laser dentistry can benefit your child.

1. Lasers reduce inflammation and bleeding.

Lasers work by using a high-energy beam of light to cut both soft and hard tissues, making them effective for treating a wide range of dental issues. When used on the soft tissues of the mouth, such as your child’s gums, lasers reduce inflammation and bleeding because they cauterize the tissue as they go. The lack of bleeding and inflammation helps Dr. Mo, Dr. G, or Dr. Z see more clearly and usually eliminates the need for sutures.

2. They’re more precise.

Lasers are incredibly precise tools, allowing your child’s dentist to remove only the tissue or tooth material that needs to be removed. As a result, they’re able to create a much smaller wound than they would otherwise have to with traditional dental tools. When lasers are used to remove cavities, this translates into saving more natural tooth material, which is always good for the health and structure of your child’s teeth. The LiteTouch laser also allows your pediatric dentist to work more quickly, which is especially beneficial for young children who have trouble sitting still in the dental chair for the entire procedure. Your child will be done with their procedure and on their way home almost before they know it!

3. Lasers cause less pain.

When lasers are compared to traditional methods of treatment, such as dental drills for cavities or scalpels for soft tissue procedures, lasers cause much less pain both during and after the procedure—reducing and sometimes eliminating the need for anesthesia. When anesthesia is needed, lasers can help us provide it to your child without using needles, eliminating the need for the pain and fear of traditional numbing shots. We manage this by using lasers and a topical anesthetic to numb your child’s mouth.

Lasers cause less pain largely because of the way they operate, sealing the wound as it’s created, but the laser’s precision also plays a part by allowing your kid’s dentist to make smaller incisions and remove less healthy tissue. This creates a smaller wound and results in less pain, helped by the minimization of inflammation and the elimination of the need for sutures. As a result, the entire healing process is less painful for your child.

4. They’re less scary for kids.

When you’re a dentist for kids, one of the most challenging parts of a procedure is often keeping children calm—especially since many dental tools, like drills, tend to frighten kids. Thankfully, children generally find lasers less scary than traditional dental tools. Lasers look much less intimidating than scalpels or drills and are quieter than drills, producing only a slight tingling sound. They also don’t produce any vibrations; lasers create a sensation similar to a stream of water spraying in your child’s mouth. Since many children’s anxiety is triggered or worsened by the sight or sound of a drill, lasers play a huge role in helping your child relax throughout the procedure.

5. Lasers encourage quicker healing.

Lasers promote faster healing after soft tissue procedures than traditional methods, largely because it allows your kid’s dentist to create a smaller wound. The laser also reduces the risk of infections or similar complications because it cauterizes and sterilizes the wound as it’s created. Your pediatric dentist may want to prescribe antibiotics for your child to take after their procedure to help prevent any infections, especially if your child is more vulnerable to infections, but lasers are so effective at reducing this risk that dentists are usually able to prescribe fewer antibiotics. Lasers’ ability to encourage faster healing with fewer complications goes farther than that, however, even encouraging tissue regeneration. As a result, lasers produce better results with a lower risk of complications and a shorter healing time—all of which will improve your child’s oral health and help them feel like themselves again in no time!

Although laser dentistry might sound like fiction, it has very real benefits for your child; it allows dentists to treat them quickly and with as little stress and pain as possible, all while managing a level of precision that traditional dental tools can’t match. If you’re interested in providing your child with the easier treatment and healing process that lasers bring to the table, feel free to contact our Must Love Kids Pediatric Dental Office in Vancouver office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mo, Dr. G, or Dr. Z at any time.