Parenting a College Student: 10 Tips to Help Them Be Their Best

Parenting College Student

Successfully Parenting a College Student The day you’ve thought about for 18 years has arrived. Your baby doesn’t look so little anymore, holding that college acceptance letter. In an instant, your mind races through your nearly two decades together. You think about baby rattles, cribs and crawling. Then suddenly, you remember middle school braces, their…

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16 Books for School-Age Kids That You’ll Both Love

books school age

Build your children’s home library with these fun books. At Must Love Kids, we’re passionate about providing superior pediatric dentistry to Vancouver families. Part of this is encouraging our bright young patients to be curious and inquisitive about the world around them. Regularly reading books is a fantastic way of growing the desire to ask…

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5 Things Almost Every Middle Schooler Will Experience

middle school

5 Things Almost Every Middle Schooler Will Experience Dear Middle Schooler When you stepped into your first middle school classroom, you probably realized just how different middle school is from elementary school. Your middle school years are full of changes that can be both stressful and rewarding. You’re able to make more choices for yourself…

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Helping Your Kids Have a Successful Back-to-School Checkup

kids’ dentist in Vancouver, WA

New clothes? Check. Cool new backpack? Check. Teeth cleaning? Check! While regular visits with your kids’ dentist in Vancouver, WA are an important part of protecting your child’s oral health year-round, back-to-school dental visits play a vital role in helping to fight the most common chronic disease found in kids in the U.S. – tooth…

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