My Baby’s Teeth Are Coming In Crooked! Now What?

What to do when baby's teeth are crooked

Everything You Need to Know About Crooked Baby Teeth As a parent, you’re naturally attuned to every development and milestone that your child reaches. You closely monitor when they roll over, the moment they start to walk, and the day they say their first words. You also notice when your baby’s teeth start to come…

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7 Myths About Baby Teeth

myths about baby teeth

Baby teeth are more important than you may realize. When you have a baby, it’s natural to soak up all of the information, advice, and recommendations you can get! From bottles and diapers to sleep schedules and eating habits, there is a ton to learn. Unfortunately, not everyone is an expert on these subjects, and misinformation…

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8 More Questions Every Parent Has About Kids’ Dental Needs

kids' dental needs

We’re back with answers to more of your most popular questions about kids’ oral health! Have you read our first post but you’re eager to learn even more about your kids’ dental care needs? Check out these answers to 8 of the more frequently asked questions we get from parents. 1. Should I be worried…

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8 Questions Every Parent Has About Kids’ Dental Needs

Questions Kids’ Dental Needs

We are answering popular questions the Must Love Kids dental team gets from curious parents. There’s nothing we love more than helping kids get their healthiest, brightest smiles possible. A big part of that is arming parents with the knowledge they need to protect their kid’s oral health in between dental appointments. We always encourage…

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10 Reasons Pediatric Dentists Love What They Do

pediatric dentists

Pediatric dentists are your kids’ best friends! Researchers predict that pediatric dentistry will grow by 60% over the next decade. There’s a reason for the influx of interest. This is one of the most rewarding, innovative, and patient-driven fields in the industry. Dental professionals who enter this sector are driven to make a difference, one…

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