8 Ways to Make Your Trip to the Pediatric Dentist Hassle-Free

hassle free

Breeze through your kid’s next dental visit with these top tips. Instilling lifelong oral care habits in children is a goal for every parent—and that includes guiding kids during dental appointments to make sure they grow up knowing their dentist is a friend and not a foe. We all know kids have minds of their…

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5 Tips for Easing Your Child’s Anxiety About Braces

getting braces

How does your child feel about orthodontic treatment? If your child is about to receive braces, it’s normal for them to be anxious. Even children who are excited to get braces are often nervous about their first couple of appointments, during which the braces are placed and later tightened for the first time. Although you…

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5 Things Almost Every Middle Schooler Will Experience

middle school

5 Things Almost Every Middle Schooler Will Experience Dear Middle Schooler When you stepped into your first middle school classroom, you probably realized just how different middle school is from elementary school. Your middle school years are full of changes that can be both stressful and rewarding. You’re able to make more choices for yourself…

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