Laser Dentistry for Children

Introducing State-Of-The-Art Dental Lasers

Kids Dentists in Vancouver Washington Drs. Monisha and Prashant Gagneja and their team at Must Love Kids® Pediatric Dentistry routinely use state-of-the-art laser dentistry for soft tissue and hard tissue procedures.

Dr. Mo and Dr. G are certified in laser surgery techniques, providing minimally invasive procedures without causing unnecessary pain and discomfort while offering increased safety. For all tongue-tie and lip-tie surgeries a special diode laser is used exclusively.

Introducing hard tissue lasers for kids dentistry! We are excited to be able to bring the latest technology to our community in Vancouver. Now we can use a laser instead of a drill to remove dental cavities, a majority of the time, no shots are needed!

There are no loud noises, no vibrations, the tip of the laser doesn’t touch the tooth, and it is well-tolerated by children. The laser feels like a water spray in the mouth. All you hear is a slight tingling sound of the laser as it makes its way to remove tooth decay.

With our LiteTouch™ next generation dental laser, we can achieve better clinical results, an overall improved experience, and shorter healing time for your little one.

  • non-invasive restorative care that may require little or no anesthesia.
  • minimal bleeding and pain due to the high-energy light beam that aids in clotting for a surgical procedure.
  • wounds that heal faster and regenerated tissues.
  • laser dentistry is minimally invasive and there is less chance of drug interactions and cross contamination.

Dr. Mo and Dr. G incorporate laser dentistry to help reduce patients’ stress and fear when it comes to dental procedures. Using laser therapy decreases the need for local anesthetic for minor procedures as well as the threat of overall pain and discomfort, allowing Drs. Monisha and Prashant Gagneja and their team to provide state-of-the-art, compassionate care for children in Vancouver, WA.

Dental lasers might not be suitable for children needing extensive dental treatment or who are not able to cooperate.