Our Practice

We love kids!

The name of the clinic defines the philosophy of their practice: Must Love Kids! That’s the reason both Drs. Gagneja work with kids: their passion to help and work with children comes naturally to them. It’s why Must Love Kids® should be your number one choice for Vancouver pediatric dentists!

We enjoy working with children and believe it to be our privilege providing dental care for your child. Children are often nervous going to the dentist, but when humor and genuine compassion are combined with great clinical skills, majority of children do well at their dental appointments.

When you come to us, you are our respected guest, and we will take care of you and your child. You will be treated with respect, and your child will be treated as our own.

When you enter the “realm” of MLK’s superhero team, take time to share and enjoy. We strive to make a friendly and fun atmosphere through imagery so that everything will remind you of a place you and your child would cherish to be at… and nothing to do with a dental office!

Pediatric Dentistry for Overall Health

At Must Love Kids®, we are your kids’ dentist – you and your child become part of our family. Your child is treated the way we treat our own children – with compassion and gentle care.

Therefore, we use dental materials that are the most biocompatible and are scientifically proven to be safe. The focus at Must Love Kids® is on the overall health of your child, including optimal dental health.

Patient Entertainment

We offer many entertainment options for children and parents visiting Must Love Kids® dentistry for children in Vancouver WA.

Televisions built into the ceiling above every dental chair provide children with a positive and family-friendly distraction. By keeping children distracted with our commercial-free, G-Rated movie selection, the dental team can easily communicate with parents while thoroughly examining and cleaning their child’s teeth. During treatment procedures, the child is able to engage in a fun movie experience, which makes appointments seem shorter and much more enjoyable. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Vancouver, WA, we hope you choose Must Love Kids®.

We also have the latest interactive computer systems in the parent’s lounge These systems are like giant iPads – you have to see and play on one to believe it! We have a movie theater with vintage seats, three large 80″ TVs in the lounges and an iPad station for children. There are several AMAZING surprises awaiting you and your child when you visit Must Love Kids® Pediatric Dentistry office that will make you forget you are visiting the dentist!

For parents who visit Must Love Kids®, we offer gourmet coffee, tea, free Wi-Fi, iPads, a relaxing lounge with leather seating, and large screen TV monitors. We also have a variety of excellent dental hygiene products (like Sonicare) for Kids at heavily discounted prices.

Must Love Kids® is a local pediatric dentist in Vancouver, Washington. The theme of the office is based on an original comic book written and developed by Dr. Gagneja. Local artists created original artwork which is used all over the dental office for you and your child to enjoy. Look out for the next adventure for the MLK super heroes.

Payment, Insurance, Billing and Financing Options

We accept numerous major insurance plans, and our experienced staff will gladly assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits your plan provides.


We take Provider One/Medicaid dental insurance for children with an age restriction up to age 8 years old.


For your benefit, we offer several payment and financing options at Must Love Kids®. Long-term financing with low-interest rates is available through CareCredit. Log in directly to CareCredit by clicking on the icon below.

In addition to insurance benefits, we accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Contact us at 360-450-2999 with any questions you may have about insurance or financial options at Must Love Kids® Pediatric Dentistry.