Vancouver pediatric dentistNot so long ago, about half a century away, kids received dental treatment under very different conditions than they do today. For instance, cavities were filled (including drilling) with no anesthesia! Fortunately, times have changed a lot since then. And at your favorite Vancouver pediatric dentist, they keep getting better.

Introducing: the laser

One of the major improvements in pediatric dentistry is the use of lasers for dental procedures. Lasers are a miracle of physics, using light energy for various dental and medical procedures. In dentistry, lasers are used for both soft tissue (for example, a frenectomy in a child with tongue tie), as well as hard tissue (the enamel of a tooth).

Lasers are now being used in:

  • tooth preparation for fillings
  • hardening bonding materials, like sealants
  • treatment of canker sores
  • frenectomy (tongue-tie) and other surgical procedures
  • periodontal procedures

Procedures using laser technology require no, or at least less, anesthesia than their non-laser counterparts. The procedure is often more comfortable, quicker, and done with fewer complications as well as quicker healing. For instance, unlike the loud, vibrating, dental drill, a laser is quieter, with no intimidating noise and conserving dental structure.

A lifetime of great health starts with Must Love Kids

When you’re working with kids, issues of comfort and safety are paramount. Many kids feel hesitant or even fearful about new experiences they encounter at the dentist, like the traditional administration of local anesthesia and the sounds and sensations associated with dental work. That’s pretty scary to a lot of patients (children and adults!) That’s why we’re so excited about how laser technology allows us to provide excellent oral care.

Must Love Kids knows that as your Vancouver pediatric dentist, it’s our responsibility to create dental experiences that will support a lifetime of dental care for our patients. At your next visit, please ask about how we use laser technology to make patient procedures faster and more comfortable, and let us show you our state-of-the-art XLase 1064 nm Diode Laser for soft tissue procedures!

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