Good daily dental habits aren’t the first things kids might think of when they imagine having fun. However, one of our essential roles parents is to teach kids how to love their teeth! Vancouver, Washington dentists Dr. Prashant Gagneja and Dr. Monisha Gagneja can help!

Love Your Teeth With Good Daily Dental Habits

child flossingThere’s no better way to love your smile than to take good care of it each day. Show your kids how to develop good dental habits and a healthy smile by teaching them how to brush and floss their teeth.

Kids need a lot of help, especially when they’re younger, on the details of brushing and flossing teeth. Taking advantage of these teachable moments to help your children thoroughly brush their teeth and gums with a soft-bristled brush, getting all the nooks and crannies. For those spaces that the toothbrush can’t reach, use dental floss to gently get in between teeth once a day.

And while these good daily routines for dental care are important, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun! Here are a few videos recommended by Dr. Prashant Gagneja and Dr. Monisha Gagneja to get you and your kids dancing and brushing together!

Brush-Brushy-Brush with Elmo

This catchy song and accompanying video is a modern take on a song to sing while your kids brush their teeth. With its catchy chorus and solid dance beat, don’t be surprised if you find your kids and yourself humming or singing it throughout the day!

Kids Just Love to Brush!

This more traditional song is a throwback to Sesame Street if you are a parent now teaching your kids to love their teeth. This catchy tune tells the story of how one child can’t help it – she loves to brush!

Teach Your Child to Love a Healthy Smile

This fun song, called “Love a Healthy Smile” by DeeDee the Dinosaur, focuses on overall habits that kids can incorporate in their daily lives. These choices for good daily dental habits include choosing water instead of soda and fruits and veggies instead of candy. These easy but excellent dietary habits can help kids “love a healthy smile!”

Bye Bye Binky

This video from Sesame Street and Elmo tackles a more specific issue for younger kids, which is knowing when to say goodbye to the binky. This is a sweet way to get your child thinking about giving up the binky for a healthy smile!

Dentists in Vancouver, Washington encourage parents to help kids of all ages love their teeth through developing consistent daily dental routines. Call Must Love Kids at 360-464-4800 to schedule your appointment!