Last time, we covered fun dental apps for your kids to become a DENTAL SUPERHERO. But every superhero needs a good sit-down with a book to fully learn the ins and outs. That’s why this time, we’re showcasing great dental books for your children so that they can learn all about being a dentist and having healthy teeth! From 1-year-olds to 5-year-olds, we have the perfect book for your superhero child.

For children 1 and up

Fun Dental books for children






For our youngest superhero patients, we recommend books such as Brush, Brush, Brush! Board BookBrush Your Teeth, Please: A Pop-up Book, and Sesame Street Ready, Set, Brush: A Pop-Up Book. These books have a fun format to entertain your children while you can read aloud and teach them about healthy dental habits.

For children 3 and up  

Fun dental books for children so they can learn about being a dentist and having healthy teeth at Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry






For children who are starting to read on their own, we recommend books such as The Berenstain Bears Visit the DentistJust Going to the Dentist, and The Tooth Book. These books are fun and easy to read for young readers!

For children 5 and up

Dental Books for Kids






For kids who can read on their own and want to learn more, we recommend books such as Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the WorldThe Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums, and Open Wide: Tooth School Inside. From exploring different cultures to learning about tooth decay in detail, these books will have plenty of information for your enthusiastic superheroes.

By learning more about healthy dental habits, your children can understand the importance of dental care and enjoy taking care of their teeth! At Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we love fun and adventure and believe that all kids can become dental superheroes. Schedule your appointment with us today!