Does your child have what it takes to be a DENTAL SUPERHERO? From fixing Iron Man’s cavities to defeating the evil sorceress with a magical toothbrush, your child can learn about dental problems and save the world at the same time. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we love superheroes! Keep reading for our feature on the best dental smartphone and tablet apps available on the market today.

Crazy Virtual Dentist (iPhone and Android)

Crazy Virtual Dentist App Screenshot

“Everyone needs a dentist, even a superhero.” Help superheros with their dental problems! In this game, your child has to use the correct tools to fix the dental problems of characters such as The Hulk and Iron Man quickly and without prolonged pain.

Toothsavers  (iPhone and Android)

Toothsavers App Screenshot

Save the fairytale kingdom from the evil sorceress! Travel across the kingdom to fix cavities of characters such as Little Red Riding Hood. This app also lets children save their own teeth and brushing habits. By brushing their teeth and recording it in the app, your child can unlock new toothbrushes to save the kingdom with. To defeat the evil sorceress, your child has to record 30 days of healthy brushing! A special parents’ section can also allow parents to set brushing times and monitor your child’s progress.

Monster Mouth DDS (iPhone and Android)

Monster Mouth DDS App Screenshot










This game requires a child with courage who can handle dangerous monsters! Your child can be a dental superhero by going into the giant mouths of monsters to take x-rays, pullout cavities, and to clean their teeth. Can your child scrub off the plaque on the Dragon’s teeth before it breathes out fire?

Star Teeth (iPhone only)

Star Teeth App Screenshot

Of course, your child can’t be a dental superhero without making sure they brush their own teeth! This app teaches your child how to brush their teeth properly while making brushing their teeth fun at the same time! Each day, your child can pick a “buddy” to brush their teeth with who can encourage them to keep going for the recommended two minutes. Another app that tracks brushing time and entertains the kids is DJ Brush – available for both iPhone and Android.

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