Preventive Dentistry

Technology helps with oral care

Technology Can Make Oral Care Easier From Toddlers to Teens

Oh, the woes of getting kids to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. If you’re like most parents with kids learning to speak for themselves, you know how hard this can be. From toddlers who don’t want to open their mouths, to teens who forget to brush altogether, getting kids to care…
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Oral hygiene for the busy school age kid

5 Tricks To Get You Out the Door on Time During a Busy School Morning

5 School-Morning Oral Hygiene Tips and Tricks As a teenager, you have a busy life filled with more responsibility than ever before. We’ve all had that morning: We’re rushing out the door as fast as possible to get to class on time, half-starved, teeth feeling fuzzy, and our breath—well, let’s just not talk about that!…
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Help your child prevent cavities

7 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

It can be a challenge for any parent to get their child to brush and floss regularly and effectively. But once you have instilled this good behavior, those habits will help prevent cavities and save them from future tooth pain.  The Importance of Preventing Cavities  An untrained person may not be able to identify tooth…
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Problems caused by malocclusion

5 Dental Problems that Can Result from Malocclusion

Learn why resolving malocclusion is so important. Growing up is full of milestones and rites of passage, and it’s a joy to watch your child reach each of them. When it comes to dentistry, undergoing an orthodontic evaluation and receiving treatment if your child needs it is a major rite of passage—and it’s one with…
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Build tooth-brushing and flossing habits with your kids

How to Instill Tooth-Brushing and Flossing Habits

Help Your Children Build Habits for the Best Oral Health Maintaining good oral health is a commitment that lasts a lifetime, so starting your children out with the right foundation is vital. There are some simple tips you can follow to make tooth-brushing and flossing come as naturally as possible to your kids: Teach Your…
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There are some not so obvious causes of cavities

Top 5 Hidden Causes of Cavities in Kids to Be Aware Of

We all know the most common causes of cavities in kids and adults. Cavities are usually the result of consuming too many sugary and starchy foods, and excessive bacteria from those foods results in a buildup of dental plaque and saliva. As an example, sugary and starchy foods such as juice, cake, candy, soda, cereal,…
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Preventive dentistry is important for your child

Preventive Dentistry Is Just as Important When it Comes to Baby Teeth

Caring for your child’s baby teeth will set them up for a lifetime of oral health.  Oral health is one of the most important areas in which to build a solid foundation for your children early on. That means teaching your child about oral hygiene and ensuring they get the essential preventive dentistry they need…
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Prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How Do I Prevent It?

Tooth Decay Caused by Bottles and Pacifiers As a parent with an infant or toddler, using bottles and pacifiers is a normal part of caring for your child. Bottles are undoubtedly essential for feeding, and pacifiers are useful soothing tools to keep your baby comfortable. But did you know these two objects could increase your…
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What to do for your kids' tooth health

6 Tooth To-Dos for Kids

Top Tips for Kids’ Tooth Health Once your adult teeth come in, you have them for life. Taking proper care of your teeth should be a top priority. Starting out with the right habits can help kids build a solid foundation to keep their teeth healthy as they continue to grow. Even children who still…
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Preventive measures are best when it comes to oral health

4 Reasons To Be Proactive, Not Reactive With Your Child’s Oral Health

A Healthy, Cavity-Free Smile for Your Child Has your child had a few cavities or even needed an extraction because of a battle with tooth decay? Or, perhaps, your child has had a cavity-free history so far and you want to be sure it stays that way as they grow older. Whatever your goal may…
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