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Guide to healthy teeth for baby-to-be

Mom’s Guide to Healthy Teeth for the Baby-To-Be

Baby is on the way—and it’s exciting for everyone. It’s time for throwing baby showers and gender reveal parties. It’s time for clothes shopping and setting up the baby’s nursery. As you prepare to welcome a new little one, you’ll find yourself putting time into caring for your health and learning how to raise a…
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Tips for taking care of baby's oral health

8 Tips for Promoting Good Oral Health from Babyhood

How to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Smile Every parent wants their child to have a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts through to their teenage years and beyond. You can help your child achieve this level of optimal oral health by prioritizing dental care from babyhood, even before they get their first baby teeth.…
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Healthy snacks that prevent cavities

5 Tasty Snacks That Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Healthy Snacks to Keep Kids’ Teeth Cavity-Free Providing a healthy diet loaded with a variety of nutritious foods is just as important to your child’s growing body as their rapidly developing smile. Diet plays a big role in oral health, particularly when it comes to preventing tooth decay. Offering tasty and nutritious snacks will help…
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Help your kids with handwashing

How To Instill Good Handwashing Habits in Your Kids

Get Your Child Excited About Handwashing With a big, exciting world full of places to explore and things to touch, it’s hard to explain to your little one why we should practice good hand hygiene to protect our bodies from things we can’t see. Germs can sometimes sound like imaginary characters, like the Tooth Fairy…
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Give your kids a balanced diet

A Guide to Treating Your Toddlers to a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet Guidelines for Toddlers Feeding toddlers can be quite a tricky business. Between the ages of one and three, toddlers are going through rapid development, both physically and mentally. They are learning more about themselves, including what foods they like and which they aren’t so sure about yet. Many parents also find that their…
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5 Tips for Helping Your Preteen Cope With Stress

Preteen stress? Here are some actionable tips to help your child through it. First off, there’s nothing wrong with your preteen if they experience stress. It’s the natural way of life. Secondly, your middle schooler being stressed is not a reflection of your parenting skills in any way. It simply means your little one needs…
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5 Ways Your Dentist Boosts Your Kid’s Oral Health

Why Kids’ Oral Health Is So Important Your kid’s oral health is far more critical than you might realize. Unfortunately, many parents mistakenly believe that oral care doesn’t need to start until children are three or four years old. Unfortunately, waiting this long to focus on a kid’s oral health can have severe consequences on…
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Top Foods for Strong, Healthy Teeth

You are what you eat. During adulthood, the saying is absolutely true. The older we get, the less flexibility we tend to have with what or how much we can eat. We can’t eat a box of cookies without paying for it the next day (sometimes immediately). Kids, however, have it easier with food flexibility.…
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5 Yummy Tooth-Healthy Treats for Fourth of July

Enjoy tooth-healthy treats that are delicious and good for your smile. Temperatures have started soaring and the days are getting longer. Summer is right around the corner, which means that it’s almost time to fire up the backyard barbecue again! Between the fireworks and the feasts, the Fourth of July is one of the most…
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Pediatric Dental Health: What Your Pediatric Dentist Wants You to Know

Working as a team with your children’s pediatric dentist. You and your child’s pediatric dentist are a team, working together to help your kids’ teeth and gums stay healthy while encouraging them to build lifelong healthy oral hygiene habits. Working as a team has plenty of benefits, including the simple fact that you’re not alone…
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