Parents Know-How

How to find the right toothbrush

How To Find the Best Toothbrush for Your Child Based on Their Age

From the First Tooth to Adulthood For a first-time parent, having to find the right toothbrush for your child is the last thing you want to be stressing about. When your little one cuts their first tooth, usually when they’re somewhere around six months, it’s like you’re thrown into a teething hurricane without a life…
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All about baby's first tooth

How Old Are Babies When They Cut Their First Tooth?

When can I expect my baby’s first tooth? Many first-time parents aren’t sure when they can expect their child to start cutting their first tooth. Just like other milestones in children, don’t compare your child to any other child, because each develops at their own rate. However, you can use this as a guide to…
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Is your preteen reluctant to get braces

My Preteen Needs Braces but Doesn’t Want Them — Now What?

If your teen is reluctant to get braces, trust that you are not the only parent facing this battle. Preteens love to push back and make their own decisions. They are beginning to figure out who they are, and  while their overall appearance is more important than ever, it gets much more confusing as puberty…
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Understanding kids emotions

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Kids Understand and Manage Their Emotions

Parents can help their children handle their emotions in a healthy way. We all experience emotions, and each of us handles different emotions in different ways. As a parent, it can be hard to figure out what one child is feeling when compared with another child. This is because we all experience things differently. But…
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Know your foods with calcium

Top 10 Calcium-loaded Foods for Kids Who Are Lactose Intolerant

Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps ensure healthy teeth and bones. Everyone should include foods with calcium in their diets, and this is even more important during your child’s development. Unfortunately, lactose intolerance can restrict your child’s access to dairy products, the most well-known sources of calcium. However, there are still plenty of healthy…
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There's help for breastfeeding

5 Signs Baby Isn’t Breastfeeding Properly and What You Can Do

Solutions for Common Breastfeeding Woes Breastfeeding is a beautiful way for mothers to bond with their babies and give them the best nutritional start to life during the first year. But as natural as breastfeeding is, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy! It’s normal for moms to experience complications when nursing their babies, especially if…
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Get relief from breastfeeding pain

Is It Possible to Breastfeed Without All the Pain?

Your baby’s lip-tie or tongue-tie could be to blame. If you’re a new parent, you likely love all the cuddles and snuggles you can have with your new baby. And breastfeeding offers a special closeness and bonding experience for mothers and their infants. Aside from the bonding benefits, breastfeeding provides a host of health benefits…
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Guide to healthy teeth for baby-to-be

Mom’s Guide to Healthy Teeth for the Baby-To-Be

Baby is on the way—and it’s exciting for everyone. It’s time for throwing baby showers and gender reveal parties. It’s time for clothes shopping and setting up the baby’s nursery. As you prepare to welcome a new little one, you’ll find yourself putting time into caring for your health and learning how to raise a…
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Tips for taking care of baby's oral health

8 Tips for Promoting Good Oral Health from Babyhood

How to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Smile Every parent wants their child to have a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts through to their teenage years and beyond. You can help your child achieve this level of optimal oral health by prioritizing dental care from babyhood, even before they get their first baby teeth.…
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Healthy snacks that prevent cavities

5 Tasty Snacks That Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Healthy Snacks to Keep Kids’ Teeth Cavity-Free Providing a healthy diet loaded with a variety of nutritious foods is just as important to your child’s growing body as their rapidly developing smile. Diet plays a big role in oral health, particularly when it comes to preventing tooth decay. Offering tasty and nutritious snacks will help…
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