Orthodontic treatment for children

Orthodontic Treatment: How Long Does It Last?

And 7 Other Questions About Orthodontic Treatment for Kids As your child’s adult teeth begin to arrive, you’re probably starting to think about future orthodontic treatment. You might be wondering whether or not your child will need braces and how to even tell if orthodontic care is really necessary. You’re eager to help your child…
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Learn about 2 phase orthodontic treatment

Introduction to 2-Phase Orthodontic Treatment Plans

Understanding Phases 1 & 2 of Kids’ Orthodontics Quick! What comes to mind when you think about orthodontic care? Braces, right? Most adults are often surprised to learn that these metal brackets or their counterpart, clear aligners, aren’t the only orthodontic treatments available for kids. Two-phase treatment is a specialized orthodontic treatment that combines teeth…
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Orthodontics brings on the smiles

How to Make Your Child Smile Again

Signs You Should Take Your Child for an Orthodontic Checkup No child wants to be the kid with buck teeth, especially not in the age of selfies. And while orthodontics is not primarily a self-esteem treatment, it can make a big difference. Let’s take a look at what kids’ orthodontics is all about, signs your…
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Taking care of your teeth while wearing braces

6 Must-Do’s For Maintaining a Healthy Smile in Braces

How To Care for Braces (For Teens) So you’re finally getting your braces fitted! Kudos to you. The start of your orthodontic treatment is an exciting time that puts you one step closer to achieving your perfect smile. Before you get there, though, there are a couple of things our team at Must Love Kids…
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Straight teeth are often healthier teeth

6 Reasons Straight Teeth Make Your Smile Healthier

Orthodontics for Children: Why Having Straight Teeth Matters Let’s get one thing straight: the aesthetics of a straight smile are to die for. Maybe not literally, but they sure do make it easier to smile. And as a parent, who wouldn’t want that for their child? Just to make your decision to have your child’s…
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Braces for a better life

Better Sleep, Less Pain: 5 Ways Kids’ Braces Help

Kids’ braces are about more than just a beautiful smile. When you hear the word braces, you probably picture a teenager with a mouth full of metal and a goofy smile. But braces can help do more than just provide a beautiful smile. In conjunction with regular preventive dental care and orthodontic evaluations, braces can…
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Understanding braces

Samantha Gets Braces

Samantha has always been a happy and healthy girl. She loves school, and her favorite subject is science. Right now, she is in 6th grade and is learning all about the human body systems. And recently, she learned about the digestive system. Samantha’s teacher spent some time talking about the nose, ears, and mouth.  During…
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5 Reasons to See a Hygienist While Wearing Braces

Dental cleanings are important during your child’s journey with braces. Braces are an exciting milestone for kids! It means they’ve reached adolescence and soon enough they’ll be entering their teenage years with a newly straightened smile. As a parent investing in their child’s future adult smile, you want to do everything possible to ensure the…
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10 Ways Braces Can Improve Your Child’s Health

Orthodontics goes beyond simply improving your child’s smile. It feels like an age-old story: A young teen goes to the dentist or orthodontist and emerges with braces decked out in their favorite colors. While braces have only become common in recent generations, they’ve practically become a rite of passage. Braces are incredibly effective and well…
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How Orthodontics Has Changed Since You Were a Kid

Orthodontics has improved leaps and bounds. If you are like most kids (and we were all kids once), you either had braces as a kid or had friends who did. And, if you are like many adults, you get a chuckle now and again when looking at photos of those metal-mouthed teenagers. Though it might…
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