10 Ways Braces Can Improve Your Child’s Health

Braces can help your child's overall health

Orthodontics goes beyond simply improving your child’s smile. It feels like an age-old story: A young teen goes to the dentist or orthodontist and emerges with braces decked out in their favorite colors. While braces have only become common in recent generations, they’ve practically become a rite of passage. Braces are incredibly effective and well…

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How Orthodontics Has Changed Since You Were a Kid

Pediatric orthodontics has come a long way

Orthodontics has improved leaps and bounds. If you are like most kids (and we were all kids once), you either had braces as a kid or had friends who did. And, if you are like many adults, you get a chuckle now and again when looking at photos of those metal-mouthed teenagers. Though it might…

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My Baby’s Teeth Are Coming In Crooked! Now What?

What to do when baby's teeth are crooked

Everything You Need to Know About Crooked Baby Teeth As a parent, you’re naturally attuned to every development and milestone that your child reaches. You closely monitor when they roll over, the moment they start to walk, and the day they say their first words. You also notice when your baby’s teeth start to come…

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Six Tips for Making Orthodontic Treatment Fun

Make orthodontic treatment fun for your child

The idea of getting braces can be a bit intimidating for a child, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting braces can be a positive experience. After the orthodontic treatment concludes, it will leave your child with a healthier and happier smile. This means increased confidence and a better outlook on life. If your child…

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