Laser Dentistry

A tongue tie can cause problems later on

3 Orthodontic Problems That Can Result From an Untreated Tongue or Lip Tie

If your baby has a tongue tie (also referred to as ankyloglossia), you likely notice that feeding time isn’t as smooth or enjoyable as you had hoped. This is because when your baby has a tongue tie, it can make it difficult for them to latch on to the breast.  Some parents seek alternative feeding…
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Laser dentistry can help ease anxiety

Does Your Child Have Anxiety During Fillings? Laser Dentistry Can Help

Do you remember the last time you had a filling? If so, you probably remember less about what you wore and your conversation with the dental assistant and more about that loud drill that went to work in your mouth.  Though the sound of the tool wasn’t delightful, you were likely able to mentally drown…
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Frenectomy procedure

What to Expect Before, During & After a Frenectomy Procedure

Be prepared for your baby’s upcoming procedure. If you are the parent of a baby with a lip-tie or tongue-tie, you’ve likely been told by their pediatric dentist or pediatrician that they need a frenectomy.  A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that corrects a lip-tie or a tongue-tie. Correcting these ailments can help improve your…
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Laser dentistry for kids

You Would Not Believe the Magic of Laser Dentistry!

Common dental procedures can often be a stressful undertaking for children. Even with a dental anesthetic to prevent pain, the sensation of having even a simple filling done might be overwhelming. Laser dentistry for kids has made numerous advances that can make dentistry for children easier for both kids and their parents. What is laser…
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Laser dentistry can help with breastfeeding

Diode Laser Gets Your Baby Back to Breastfeeding Easily

What You Need to Know About Lip-tie and Tongue-tie Laser Surgeries It’s not uncommon for breastfeeding moms to worry about whether their little bundle of joy has a tongue or lip tie, and if so, what’s the best way to treat it. In your research on this condition, you’ve probably come across terms like frenulum,…
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10 Questions Parents Ask About Our State-of-the-Art Laser Dentistry

Top 10 Laser Dentistry FAQs Has your child’s pediatric dentist mentioned laser dentistry? Have you noticed this type of dentistry listed on a pediatric dentist’s website? Here are the top 10 most common questions Dr. Mo and Dr. G of Must Love Kids get from curious parents. 1. Is laser dentistry safe for kids? Laser…
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Lip & Tongue Tie Laser Revision: a Complete Guide for Care Providers

Making breastfeeding comfortable and easy with laser dentistry. As parents gain better access to information about breastfeeding and its benefits for them and their baby, more mothers—about 80% of them—are choosing to breastfeed their babies. A 2016 study found that 51.8% of babies are still breastfeeding at six months, which is up from only 35%…
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10 Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Children

Your child’s dental visit can be quick and pain-free. Technology has changed almost every industry for the better, and dentistry is no exception. Today, state-of-the-art laser dentistry services are transforming the way dental visits look for both children and adults alike. Innovative, sleek, and fascinating, these tools help eliminate the fear around common procedures. Our…
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Is Laser Dentistry Safe for My Child?

The answer is ‘yes’. Go beyond science fiction to the real benefits of laser dentistry. When you hear about lasers, it’s usually in the context of science fiction, such as the lightsabers and blasters in Star Wars. Since lasers have such a fantastical association in many people’s minds, it’s common for laser dentistry to sound…
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5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Kids

Laser dentistry provides real benefits for your child. In recent years, lasers have stepped firmly off the pages of science fiction and into reality; although they might still sound like they belong in a novel or a state-of-the-art laboratory instead of at a dental office, we regularly use our LiteTouch laser to give kids the…
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