5 Fun Science Project Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Your kids can learn about teeth with a fun science project or two

Teach your child by engaging their hands and minds. Have you ever noticed that many young kids learn best by doing? When you teach kids in a way that keeps their little hands just as busy — and entertained — as their minds, they’re more likely to stay engaged throughout the lesson and retain the…

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10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Time With Your Kids

Spending quality time and having fun with your kids is so important

Wondering how you can spend more fun quality time with your kids? Raising a family and keeping a household together can be a daunting experience for first-time parents. Various bills and work can keep you away from your kids; however, it’s crucial to know how to balance family time with outside commitments. What are some…

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A Healthy Tooth Adventure

Help each tooth be a healthy tooth

Little Tooth Meets the World Goooood morning! It’s bright and sunny outside! I can tell because light surrounded me when Sarah opened her mouth to yawn. I should probably introduce myself! Hi! I’m Little Tooth. Even though I’m technically still a baby tooth, I go on some pretty big adventures, every day. Plus, as Sarah…

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6 Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Holiday Treats

Healthy treats for the holidays

Enjoy these tasty, tooth-friendly treats with your family this holiday season. Nothing quite makes the holiday season like getting together with family to share decadent meals and delicious desserts. However, holiday food doesn’t need to be full of sugar to be enjoyed by everyone in your family. By swapping traditional holiday treats for healthier options…

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10 Amazing Facts About Teeth to Share With Your Kids

Amazing facts about teeth

Add a fun twist to the topic of dental care with these kid-friendly facts! Nothing piques a kid’s interest in a subject quite like fun facts and quirky trivia. Take advantage of this by sharing dental facts about teeth with your kids. This is a great way to get them engaged with learning about oral…

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