200265569-001According to a study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics, one in three children who undergo orthodontic treatment can improve their general and oral health. Wearing braces helps prevent harmful complications that can arise as part of a child’s oral development, such as crowded, crooked teeth, tooth decay, and other potentially serious oral health problems that often necessitate surgery.

Fitting your child with braces or other types of corrective orthodontic treatments early during their oral development can reduce the risk of future complication and the need for more expensive oral procedures as he or she matures.

Prevent Crowded/Crooked Teeth

Wearing braces can prevent your child from developing crowded, crooked teeth. Adult teeth that erupt incorrectly and develop awkwardly can cause teeth to become crooked and can create uneven spacing between individual teeth.

In these types of cases, the use of braces or space maintainers and palatal expanders can apply pressure on your child’s teeth to ensure that every tooth in his or her mouth develops evenly and adequately spaced. Additionally, kids who wear braces also lower their risk of developing and underbite or overbite.

Failing to address these problems when a child is younger often requires more expensive treatment procedures in the future. You can help protect your child’s oral health and also save money in the long run by electing orthodontic treatment early on.

Prevent Tooth Decay

In addition to causing cosmetic and structural concerns, crowded, crooked teeth also increase a child’s risk of tooth decay. Misaligned or crowded teeth make it harder for kids to adequately brush and floss their teeth and gums, which allows plaque to build up in the mouth. The more plaque in your child’s mouth, the more susceptible he is to the effects of decay and gum disease.

In recent years, a number of studies have shown links between tooth decay and a variety of long-term health concerns, including heart disease, dementia, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Since protecting teeth against plaque is a lifetime battle, having your child wear braces can help protect their teeth against decay for the rest of his life.

Prevent the Need for Tooth Extraction

Occasionally, a child’s permanent teeth may need to be removed in cases where: teeth are crooked enough to disrupt the development of other permanent teeth; become excessively crowded; and if they become infected. Having your child wear braces once recommended by Drs. Mo or G can help eliminate the need to remove any permanent teeth.

Reduce the Need for Surgery

Undergoing orthodontic treatment can help reduce a child’s need to undergo a variety of surgical procedures later in life. Damage that occurs to a child’s teeth or jaw can cause the development of dramatic medical and physical problems. Usually, these types of problems require root canal surgery, jaw surgery or other type of medical procedure to correct.

Once again, having your child wear braces at a young age can greatly aid their oral development and prevent further complications later on in life.