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The summer is winding down, and it’s almost time for your children to start a new school year. When creating a back-to-school list, we hope that you will think of a dental checklist as well! Here are some suggestions for maintaining healthy teeth during the school year.

1. Schedule dental checkup appointments:

We recommend that your child should visit the dentist twice a year. Professional dental assessments are important to ensure your child’s healthy teeth. Dentists can also advise your child on correct oral hygiene habits and encourage them to keep up the good work. Call Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule your child’s next appointment.

2. Establish healthy oral hygiene routines:

Are your children brushing twice a day and flossing once a day? It’s easy to skip brushing your teeth in the early morning rush to school, but a consistent, healthy routine that you start from the summer can prevent this from happening. Do you have trouble convincing your child to brush their teeth every day? Read our previous post, “Make Brushing Fun For Your Kids,” to get tips on making it fun!

3. Prepare healthy snacks and lunches:

Brainstorming healthy lunch ideas may already be on your to-do list, but have you thought of creating lunches that also are good for your child’s teeth? Snacks that are kind to teeth include fruit, string cheese, vegetables, and unsweetened applesauce. Try to avoid sticky snacks such as fruit roll-ups and granola bars that can stick to your child’s teeth surfaces and in-between teeth. Instead of packing sugary soda, think about water or other non-sugared drinks. Read our posts, “Beware the Sugary Snack” and “Four of the Worst Foods for Kids’ Teeth,” for more information about healthy foods for your teeth.

4. Guard against injuries:

If your child has sports practices, think about purchasing a mouth guard that could prevent dental injuries from happening. One of the most common ways that you can injure your teeth is by playing sports, and we want your child’s teeth to be healthy! Contact sports, such as basketball and soccer, are where your children are most at risk for injuries. To learn what to do in the case of a tooth accident, read the America’s Pediatric Dentists’ guide here.

5. Replace toothbrushes:

The American Dental Association recommends that you replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or when the bristles are frayed. A new school year is a great time to check on your children’s toothbrushes!

Schedule your next appointment with Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry today! We guarantee a fun and friendly atmosphere for your children and offer excellent pediatric dental care.