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Back to school tips

6 Smart Back to School Ideas That Make It Easier on Parents and Kids

While back to school can be an exciting time, it can also be stressful for both parents and kids. But ...
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All about adolescent orthodontics

How Many Adolescents Need Orthodontics? And 5 Other Braces FAQs

Do all adolescents need orthodontic work? Orthodontists estimate that nearly half of children need braces to address functional problems like ...
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Braces in Vancouver, WA

5 Ways To Feel Better if You’re Experiencing Braces Discomfort

5 Easy Ways To Relieve Braces Discomfort  According to orthodontists, around 45% of children need braces to correct functional issues ...
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Best summer food ideas for kids

10 Pediatric Dentist-Approved Summer Foods That Your Kids Can Make

It’s Snack Time! “There’s nothing to eat!” If the kids are home from school, this has more than likely been ...
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Laser makes a frenectomy procedure a breeze

3 Reasons a Soft Tissue Laser Makes a Frenectomy a Smoother Process

A frenectomy is a quick and simple procedure often performed by a dentist on children with a lip or tongue ...
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Know the signs your child has a tongue tie

4 Big Hints That Your Infant Might Have a Lip or Tongue Tie

Though the exact statistics are unknown, it is estimated that up to 10% of newborns are born with a condition ...
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Signs your child might need braces

Are Crooked Teeth Genetic? 6 Signs Your Child Might End Up Needing Braces

Don't you love the crooked grin kids flash when they are happy or laughing? Of course, we all do. And ...
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Answers to braces FAQs

5 Questions Your Kids Might Ask About Braces and How to Answer Them

So many questions, how do I answer them all? More than likely, you knew it was coming, and your child’s ...
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Oral hygiene for the busy school age kid

5 Tricks To Get You Out the Door on Time During a Busy School Morning

5 School-Morning Oral Hygiene Tips and Tricks As a teenager, you have a busy life filled with more responsibility than ...
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Tips for the best braces hygiene

Tools That Help Kids Ace Their Braces Hygiene

We’re getting braces! What do we need for braces hygiene? Oral hygiene gets a little more complicated after your child ...
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