mustlove kids FBCONTEST

Heroic, fun and imaginative are not words you normally associate with Dentistry, but we are setting out to change the way people think of dentists.

We want to promote positive oral health care habits to children with entertainment and imagination. Must Love Kids uses a one of a kind marketing strategy to promote engagement with existing and new patients. To encourage children to take care of their teeth, we are excited to announce the Facebook photo contest, “Flash Your Super Hero Smile Contest.”

People are encouraged to upload their favorite smile photo, to our Facebook page. Photos that are shared and liked will increase their chance of winning the grand prize. “We think every child is special and heroic. Encouraging them to tap into their best super power, a genuine smile, is one of the best ways to help them feel supported and loved,” says Dr. Prashant Gagneja.

This contest aims to promote healthy teeth by giving children the ability to show off their confident smiles.

Contest Details:

Start: The contest will start Oct. 30 and run for two weeks.

End: The winner will be announced on Wednesday November 13.

How to Enter: Just upload your favorite super hero smile photo to our Facebook page.

What do you win: Aside from showing off your epic smile, there will be 3 official winners which will be selected at randomn. Two winners will get a Kids Sonicicare toothbrush.

Grand Prize: A New Kindle Fire

Enter Here:

Have fun and we can’t wait to see your heroic smiles.