2974146552_86ff5d5e93Every Halloween, kids eat up to their weight in candy— OK, OK, maybe not that much. But certainly quite a bit. While some indulgence in sweets is a fine thing, Must Love Kids,your dentist office for kids in Vancouver,  wants to encourage our patients’ families to find alternative treats for this Halloween season– treats that complement the spooky nature and fun of Halloween, while offering something nutritious as well.

Here are some favorites that your team at Must Love Kids has found:

Boo Berries

No, these are not the sugar cereal— although they are sweet! To make this simple treat, dip strawberries into white chocolate to make a small ghost with a red berry center. Use chocolate chips or sprinkles for eyes, and you have a boo berry. Boo!

Creepy creepy eyeballs

This is a satisfying snack for kids who love a good dose of spooky. Using the well-loved cheese snack, Babybel, as the eyeball, you can “paint” red veins onto its surface using food coloring or even jam. Once sufficiently blood-shot, a ring of black olive makes the perfect iris. Fill in the pupil with more food coloring or jam for a staring, disembodied eyeball clearly short on shut-eye.

Squishy roasted roaches

Despite its off-putting name, in reality this alternative treat is really just dates filled with cream cheese– yum! Be sure and tell your small patient that you have something particularly spook-tactular for her; part of the fun is using your imagination! And remember, it’s always a good idea to brush and floss after eating dried fruit because the sticky nature of this food makes it a treat for bacteria as well.

Ghost bananas and orange pumpkins

This snack’s pretty simple, and it might be a good one for small Halloween gatherings when you want to offer an alternative treat to guests because these ghosts and pumpkins really look their best when offered together, in large numbers! Using peanut butter, glue raisin eyes and mouths on bananas to make your ghosts. Peel satsuma oranges and stick a wedge of celery in their center to make a bunch of sweet little pumpkins.

Mummy pizza

A casual affair, the mummy pizza stems from the english muffin pizza variety. Like your traditional “personal” pizza made from an english muffin, you will use marinara sauce and various toppings– but to thrill your small ghosts and goblins, turn the pizza into a loosely wrapped mummy by using string cheese to as the “wrapping” and olives for eyes poking through. Devilish and delicious.

Let’s hear your favorite snack!

Do you have any great ideas for alternative treats? What about halloween costumes? Share your Halloween ideas with us at your child’s next appointment at our Vancouver, WA, office. The whole team at Must Love Kids looks forward to seeing you!

Photo Credit: mbgrigby via Compfight cc