Month: April 2023

Laser makes a frenectomy procedure a breeze

3 Reasons a Soft Tissue Laser Makes a Frenectomy a Smoother Process

A frenectomy is a quick and simple procedure often performed by a dentist on children with a lip or tongue tie. Specifically, a frenectomy removes the frenulum that connects the tongue or lip to the gums or floor of the mouth. This procedure can be done using various techniques, including a scalpel, scissors, or a…
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Know the signs your child has a tongue tie

4 Big Hints That Your Infant Might Have a Lip or Tongue Tie

Though the exact statistics are unknown, it is estimated that up to 10% of newborns are born with a condition called ankyloglossia, also known as tongue tie. In this situation, the frenulum, that thin piece of tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, is too tight or too short. This results…
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Signs your child might need braces

Are Crooked Teeth Genetic? 6 Signs Your Child Might End Up Needing Braces

Don’t you love the crooked grin kids flash when they are happy or laughing? Of course, we all do. And it’s not unusual for kids to have crooked teeth when they’re young. But as your kids age, those crooked teeth become less endearing because they can be one of the signs your child might need…
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Answers to braces FAQs

5 Questions Your Kids Might Ask About Braces and How to Answer Them

So many questions, how do I answer them all? More than likely, you knew it was coming, and your child’s dentist just announced that the time has come for braces. Your child is bound to have a lot of questions—whether you are prepared to answer them or not. To help in any way we can,…
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