Month: March 2023

Oral hygiene for the busy school age kid

5 Tricks To Get You Out the Door on Time During a Busy School Morning

5 School-Morning Oral Hygiene Tips and Tricks As a teenager, you have a busy life filled with more responsibility than ever before. We’ve all had that morning: We’re rushing out the door as fast as possible to get to class on time, half-starved, teeth feeling fuzzy, and our breath—well, let’s just not talk about that!…
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Tips for the best braces hygiene

Tools That Help Kids Ace Their Braces Hygiene

We’re getting braces! What do we need for braces hygiene? Oral hygiene gets a little more complicated after your child gets braces. Their teeth may be sensitive, and brushing can take longer than before. Not to mention, they are now required to do this new routine after every meal—snacks included. There are all kinds of…
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What's it like to get braces taken off

What’s it Like to Get Your Braces Off?

Bye-Bye Braces! That day has finally arrived! You’ve been looking forward to it for months now, maybe even years. It’s officially time to get those braces taken off and reveal your new smile. No matter how excited you are, getting your braces off can be scary, but it shouldn’t be.  Painless Removing braces is virtually…
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How to find the right toothbrush

How To Find the Best Toothbrush for Your Child Based on Their Age

From the First Tooth to Adulthood For a first-time parent, having to find the right toothbrush for your child is the last thing you want to be stressing about. When your little one cuts their first tooth, usually when they’re somewhere around six months, it’s like you’re thrown into a teething hurricane without a life…
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