Month: November 2022

Know what is causing your child's jaw pain

My Child Complains of Jaw Pain. Could Teeth Grinding Be the Culprit?

Your dentist can diagnose and treat your child’s jaw pain. Has your child ever mentioned feeling soreness or pain in or around their jaw from time to time? The pain might arise seemingly at random and persist for various amounts of time or only show up when they’re eating. In either case, this is a…
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Problems caused by malocclusion

5 Dental Problems that Can Result from Malocclusion

Learn why resolving malocclusion is so important. Growing up is full of milestones and rites of passage, and it’s a joy to watch your child reach each of them. When it comes to dentistry, undergoing an orthodontic evaluation and receiving treatment if your child needs it is a major rite of passage—and it’s one with…
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Know your foods with calcium

Top 10 Calcium-loaded Foods for Kids Who Are Lactose Intolerant

Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps ensure healthy teeth and bones. Everyone should include foods with calcium in their diets, and this is even more important during your child’s development. Unfortunately, lactose intolerance can restrict your child’s access to dairy products, the most well-known sources of calcium. However, there are still plenty of healthy…
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Anesthesia options for a better dental visit

More Comfortable, More Precise: Why We Love Computer Assisted Local Anesthesia

Building positive experiences for your child using painless dental anesthesia. None of us enjoy seeing our kids uncomfortable, so when you get the news that your child has one or more cavities, it’s natural to dread the appointment to get them filled. Taking your child to the dentist, especially for a dental procedure, can feel…
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