Month: October 2022

Early orthodontic treatment

Braces in Elementary School? A Parent’s Guide to Early Orthodontic Treatment

If you’re a parent today, you probably remember braces as being something relegated to the teen years when you were growing up. However, a lot has changed about orthodontic treatment since then. Braces are now being used at younger ages, and there are some clear reasons why. Early intervention can help address many issues before…
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Braces improve dental health

4 Ways Braces Can Improve Dental Health for Your Child

Braces: Not Just for a Dazzling Smile Orthodontic treatment for your child can provide them with a beautiful, straight smile that will fill them with self-confidence. However, that’s far from the only benefit of braces for kids. Along with improving the appearance of your child’s smile, braces improve dental health as well. We’ll delve into…
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Build tooth-brushing and flossing habits with your kids

How to Instill Tooth-Brushing and Flossing Habits

Help Your Children Build Habits for the Best Oral Health Maintaining good oral health is a commitment that lasts a lifetime, so starting your children out with the right foundation is vital. There are some simple tips you can follow to make tooth-brushing and flossing come as naturally as possible to your kids: Teach Your…
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When a baby tooth extraction is necessary

How Do Dentists Decide If Baby Teeth Need to Be Pulled?

Is Tooth Extraction Necessary? Tooth extraction is relatively rare when dealing with baby teeth. There are many preventive and restorative treatments that can help with just about any dental issues your child might experience. However, baby tooth extraction is sometimes needed, and your dentist can ensure that the appropriate treatment option is chosen. Don’t Hesitate…
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