Month: July 2022

Prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How Do I Prevent It?

Tooth Decay Caused by Bottles and Pacifiers As a parent with an infant or toddler, using bottles and pacifiers is a normal part of caring for your child. Bottles are undoubtedly essential for feeding, and pacifiers are useful soothing tools to keep your baby comfortable. But did you know these two objects could increase your…
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History of braces

8 Fascinating Stories of Braces from History

Did Our Ancient Ancestors Wear Braces? Braces are pretty common nowadays. You probably have friends who have worn braces, or maybe you’re about to get braces yourself. Orthodontic care is so familiar to us now that the idea of braces might not seem very exciting, but getting straight teeth is pretty cool. Did you know…
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There's help for breastfeeding

5 Signs Baby Isn’t Breastfeeding Properly and What You Can Do

Solutions for Common Breastfeeding Woes Breastfeeding is a beautiful way for mothers to bond with their babies and give them the best nutritional start to life during the first year. But as natural as breastfeeding is, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy! It’s normal for moms to experience complications when nursing their babies, especially if…
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When braces go on

What Should I Expect the Day I Have My Braces Put On?

Your First Day With Braces You’ve already found out that you’ll be getting braces, and now the big day is almost here! You may be feeling super excited, but you’re probably also wondering what it’s going to be like that first day. After all, it’s not like a dental cleaning or getting a filling, which…
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